Owl: Viruses, Races (Chinese, Jewish), & Vitamin C

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This is an extraordinary article on susceptibility to corona virus: argues that genetics makes some races – Jews and Chinese, for example – carry less vitamin C to fight viruses. This type of framing of the evidence is very un-PC in science circles so it is ignored, but the evidence is very compelling:

Coronavirus And Vitamin C: Is THIS Why Israel Closed Its Borders?

Additional comments from Owl and related article below the fold.

“Could this be why the Israelis (who are acutely aware of genetics) reacted so decisively to Covid-19? All new arrivals to Israel now face 2 weeks’ quarantine [Coronavirus: Israel to bring in 14-day quarantine for all arrivals, BBC News, March 9, 2020].

(Indeed, could this be true of Jews generally? Covid-19 reportedly broke out in New Rochelle, the U.S. city where a “containment area” has been set up, at a modern Orthodox synagogue, many of whose members are now infected; Westchester County, where New Rochelle is located, was reportedly 17 percent Jewish in 2011 [Jewish community caught inside coronavirus ‘containment zone,’ by Aiden Pink, The Forward, March 10, 2020. No less than 29 cases have just been confirmed at one nearby Jewish school, at a time when fewer than 1,000 cases were known in the entire U.S. [New York Jewish school says 29 students, staff diagnosed with virus, by Ben Harris, The Times Of Israel, March 11, 2020]).

The differences in the frequency of Hp 1 are small within Europe, but its frequency is among the lowest in Italy, where it is 36%. It is 40% in Scotland, the highest in Europe.

Now, of course, the key question is the population frequency of Hp 2-2, which is bad for vitamin C retention.  Unfortunately, I cannot find a study that includes this information for lots of countries. However, within Italy, though Hp 1 is 36% nationwide, it is only 30% in northern Italy [Distribution of Haptoglobin Subtypes in Continental Italy and Sardinia, by Claudio Santor et al., Human Heredity, 1983], which has been worst affected by the virus.

It is incredible that this vital information is not discussed in the Main Stream Media and by the health authorities, to the point where the race of victims is simply being not being reported.”


Chinese Scientists Find MORE Evidence That Coronavirus (a.k.a. COVID-19) Discriminates By Race

Phi Beta Iota: While we distinguish between Zionism (the apartheid genocidal invented state of Israel generally rooted in transplanted Russian criminals who are not Jewish) and Judaism (the faith), there are those that consider Judaism a race.

See for example:

Review: The Invention of the Jewish People

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