John Petersen: Cosmic Common Sense – Some Assumptions

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

The assumptions are:

1. The system is intelligent – not completely random

2. The evolutionary process that is happening on earth has, in general, happened many other places. There is history here.

3. The process is overseen/nurtured by stellar civilizations who have both played a seminal role in our origins and have a continuing responsibility for our continued development

4. These non-3D sources are much smarter, experienced and more capable than we are.

5. Although this human experience (which might be unique in some ways) has a general evolutionary trajectory, its specific direction is determined by the “free choice” of its denizens.

6. Free Choice is not Free Will. We cannot do “anything”, but we have the innate ability to independently choose from the options that are presented to us (which ability apparently is not universal in the universe).

7. The purpose of each personal life experience is to raise our “consciousness” by learning how to consistently make the best decision from the options constantly before us.

8. The day-to-day decision-making process therefore pivots on whether we can hear/sense the subtle, but omnipresent messaging that indicates the best decision

9. The messages, generally thought of as “intuition”, could be coming from anyplace . . . and probably originate from our stellar mentors and other such nonphysical sources

10. Although there are less-than-benign forces as well in play in the space, they only bother those who appear to offer the possibility of generating anger, pain, fear and other abrasive emotion – which emotions produce an energy that is a “food” for the negative sources.

11. The underpinnings of the whole system is “love”. Everything evolves from the energy field of love . . . therefore, if one can largely eliminate the negative emotions (anger, pain, etc.), from the way that they operate on a daily basis – it is basically a loving and benign world.

12. Which is to say, if your general outlook is built around love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness . . . everything will work out fine. No, it will be great!

13. So, we need to “Trust the Force”, listen for the inevitable directional messages that will be at every fork in the road, believe that the system will take care of you, and act, without hesitation, on the intuitional messages regardless of whether they “make sense” or not.

14. If you can do all of that, you don’t worry about the future, you know there is a plan, and you go through each day just doing what you think is the right thing to the best of your ability. No sweat!

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