Jacob Hornberger: Time for a New Direction? [Steele-McKinney: Time for a National Conversation?]

Civil Society, Commerce, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government

Is It Time for a New Direction?

Four failed systems

  • economic
  • health
  • monetary
  • empire & foreign intervention

Why not try the free-market limited government alternative?

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Robert Steele & Cynthia McKinney: We do not agree with the totality of Mr. Hornberger's conclusions, but do agree that the USA is at a cross-roads and that holistic analytics (all systems together) must be revaluted and reconstructed.

We need a national conversation that reasserts the power of the public over its  own governance in all respects including macro and micro economics as well as cultural norms.

The timing is perfect. Let us discuss every aspect of every threat, every policy, every cost, and let us learn together about the alternative of a localized open source everything engineering “Made in the USA” revolution.

#UNRIG. Not negotiable.


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