Mongoose: WHO Lied, Virus Now Understood — and US Surgeon General Tells Gates & Fauci to Piss Off . . .

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The WHO Lied and Created a Global Panic: Second Extensive Study Finds Coronavirus Mortality Rate Is 0.4% Not 3.4% — Similar to Seasonal Flu

VIDEO (5:33): Dr Rashid A Buttar Live – HUGE NEWS! Surgeon General Jerome Adams DROPS Gates/CDC/WHO model!!!

Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret.

Alert Reader summarizes the second item for the record.

Let me explain it to you in a nutshell:

  1. The Virus separates the iron from the hemoglobin, which normally carries the iron to the lungs, where it loads up on oxygen (iron loves oxygen, as we all know, think rust…), which the bloodstream then offloads where it is most needed at the time (e.g. brain, kidneys, liver etc.) I assume that the people suddenly fainting and falling down in public and dying, (as we've seen on videos from Wuhan) are doing this because of oxygen deprivation of the brain. That is one way the virus kills.
  2. The other way the virus kills is because the iron separated from the hemoglobin becomes toxic and is deposited by the bloodstream in the lungs, where it does the damage (long story below), seen on cat scans.
  3. if the patient is in a hospital, the first thing that should be done is give him high levels of oxygen and a blood transfusion for fresh hemoglobin with the necessary iron. The next thing is to give him Hydroxychloroquine, the wonder drug that President Trump has been talking about repeatedly.
  4. Hydroxychloroquine works by protecting the hemoglobin from being attacked by the virus, thereby avoiding the separation of the iron from the hemoglobin, same as it protects the hemoglobin from being attacked by the malaria bug, which loves to feast on the hemoglobin itself.
  5. From other articles i have learned that 5G communication millimeter microwaves have a similar effect on the hemoglobin. Don't ask me exactly how. I suppose the iron ion of the hemoglobin is very susceptible to damage from those waves.
  6. Here's another one: yesterday's Sorcha Faal article explained that Sodium Fluoride, which dangerous-to-store waste product from the aluminum industry, is dumped liberally into the American drinking water supply, has the effect of helping the Corona virus in its dirty work by attacking the spleen, which is a major source of the immune defending lymphocites. . It is also used in rat poison and drugs for relieving depression…. I will be sending that article to our 100 forum members, in case they miss this link. It contains very interesting information about this subject from MINZDRAV, the Russian Ministry of Health.

Let's pray that President Trump will indeed stop Fifth generation telephonics (5G) as well as water fluoridation, instituted by a Zionist doctor/dentist 60 years ago, and which has been stopped in Europe many decades ago. 5G creates cancer and Fluoride stultifies (dumbs down) the population…. Israel, where 5G was developed, has forbidden its use for health reasons…. Italy and Spain have been heavily investing in 5G, by the way….

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