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Alert Reader (MD/PhD) writes in:

I took several hours to transcribe this video because this talented gentleman is a scientist who clearly understands the pathophysiology involved in malaria, COVID-19 and why chlorine dioxide works so well in both diseases. As an MD/PhD, I can follow every part of his reasoning and explanation. Because the video was so good, I wanted to be able to help regular folks decode or clarify some of what he is saying. Tomorrow morning I will be teaching this information to my young medical student.

I think many lay people will even be able to understand this mechanism.

We do what we can to continue to help others,

VIDEO, Transcript, and Graphics Below the Fold.


Inhaled chlorine dioxide (ClO2) harms alveoli, the gas exchanging structures of lungs, and thus results in met-hemoglobinemia
ClO2 instructions CLEARLY emphasize many times over to NOT/NEVER inhale fumes !!!
Both oral & IV aqueous ClO2 (50 ppm, pH 7.4) are not only NOT harmful, but literally quite miraculous
ClO2 increases the bioavailibity of O2 in the blood quite dramatically (great video at 1:30 mark of met-hemoglobinemia reversing on the spot with administration of ClO2)
COVID-19 does not cause lung disease, but rather systemic hypoxia by binding to beta chains of hemoglobin (Hgb), breaking one of the arms of Hgb, and thus preventing Hgb from binding O2
Decreased amount of healthy/functional Hgb ==> decreased O2 exchange in lungs ==> hypoxemia & damaged alveoli ==> extremely intense proteinization (cytokine storm) and inflammation
This explanation explains both bilateral frosted glass opacities in affected lungs on CT as well as multi-organ failure
Hemoglobin Molecule in Color & Cartoon
Hemoglobin Structure in Color.png

Hemoglobin Structure.png

When Hgb beta chain is broken, free iron is released into blood
Free iron is very damaging because it is a highly charged cation (Fe3+) that causes both chemical pneumonititis (NOT viral pnuemonia) & hepatotoxicity
Other Common Blood Changes in COVID-19 patients
  • Increased bilirubin due to increased metabolism of crippled Hgb molecules & liver damage from Fe3+ toxicity
  • Excessive production of Hgb (left shift ==> more immature RBCs)
  • Increased ferritin (iron transporter protein in blood) levels to transport newly synthesized Hgb
  • Increased transamininases can be due to both direct hepatocyte injury by virus as well as Fe3+ overload
Virus attacks protophrphyrin ring of Hbg, inducining a state of met-hemoglobinemia and carbon monoxide poisioning similar to altitude sickness
People with glycated Hgb (increased HgbA1C) are more suseptible to this damage because O2 affinity is decreased compared to normal individuals (higher p50 values / sigmoidal affinity curve is shifted)
This is reason why older folks and diabetics are more suseptible to COVID-19
Malaria is a parasite of Hgb !!!
Plasmodium parasite also blocks normal process of O2 transport by Hgb (mw 65,000 g/mol)
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) (mw 335.87 g/mol) treats both malaria and COVID-19 by addressing the underlying met-hemoglobinemia of both pathologies
Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) (mw 67.45 g/mol) directly oxidizes & destabilizes viral capsid, thus preventing virus from binding host cells
ClO2 acts as a direct & very fast molecular O2 transporter to tissues, cells & organelles (i.e. mitochondria, the energy factories of cells where O2 is required to produce the energy currency ATP)
ClO2 selectively disassociates its O2 cargo when in an environment with an excess of H+ molecules (H+ = proton) (i.e. acidic environment = inflammatory environment)
COVID-19 patients treated with mechanical ventilators can sustain severe lung injury while underlying hypoxia remains unaffected
Hypoxic problem is down at the cellular level where the Hbg is not able to transport O2 properly
Problem is NOT of getting more air into lungs / COVID-19 patients have normal lung compliance
Virus vs Exosome (membrane bound extracelluar vesicles)
Virus vs Exosome.png
Lung hypoxia may stimulate exosome secretion to communicate imminent cytokine storm to neigboring cells
Cytokine storm ==> increased proton production (i.e. acidosis) & inflammation ==> immune repsonse to try to restore imbalance
Excess protons (cations) are immediately quenched by the anionic effect of ClO2 (providing up to 5 electrons)
Patients become asymptomatic in a very short time
Many, many testamonials by doctors, nurses & military security forces to the efficacy of this very safe, effective treatment

Global Self Healing (145 countries):

  • Chlorine Dioxide (Chikungunya, Dengue, Ebola, Herpies, Malaria, nCov, Zeka)
  • MMS
  • Selenium
  • Sodium Chorite

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