Robert Steele: John Brennan to Be Indicted? General Michael Flynn Exonerated?

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I was among the first, if not the first, to call John Brennan a liar and document the complete fabrication of the Russian witchhunt.

Robert Steele: US IC Allegations Against Russians Are Crap — Our Own Traitors, Not the Russians, Are the Real Enemy, Fake Evidence & Fake News – UPDATE 22

John Brennan, in my view, is guilty of treason and many other crimes and should be indicted, convicted, and jailed for life.

Robert Steele: The Soft Coup Collapses – Blackmail Revealed – What Next? CIA was bluffing, produced no evidence – Russians did not “hack” the election. Is this the beginning of the end of the Deep State in the USA? Can Trump clean house & wage peace? (Trump Revolution 06)

With that as context, it is my enormous pleasure to report that  all signs are that General Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump, is about to be exonerated. I expect Attorney General William Barr to apologize to General Flynn for the criminal misbehavior of his predecessors and their subbordinates, to drop all charges, and to then indict several individuals, among them John Brennan.

Explosive Revelations in the Flynn Case

Report: Flynn Will Be ‘Completely Exonerated’ This Week

Robert Steele: DoJ Begins Process of Exonerating Mike Flynn?

In my view, Mike Flynn is ideally qualified to be the next Director of National Intelligence (DNI) with a mandate to reduce all of the secret agencies by up to 70%, and consolidate the surviving pieces around a new Classified Intelligence Agency (CIA) that has been purged of all traitors in the upper ranks.

A national Open Source Agency (OSA is the missing piece. It can be up and producing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for the President, Cabinet, and everyone else within one week of a funding line being provided. The below floor plan can be fully operational within 30 days of the OSA being funded.

MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT: Eradicating Fake News and False Intelligence with an Open Source Agency That Also Supports Defense, Diplomacy, Development, & Commerce (D3C) Innovation to Rebuild America and Stabilize World

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