Robert Steele: Ten Lies About Coronavirus, Reflections

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With a Tip of the Hat to Ray Songtree, whose website Lipstick and War Crimes is always worth visiting, I am linking to the below article by Len Horowitz, a former dentist who has become a world-famous innovator and publicist for alternative medicine and also one of the most compelling accusers of BigPharma.

The Top Ten Most Damaging Coronavirus Lies

List only and reflections below the fold.

Here is the list of lies, go to the article for details on each.

#1: CoV-19 is not a ‘lab virus,’ but a germ that evolved naturally in bats.

#2: Mass antibody testing is required to assess seroconversion of, ideally, the entire population resulting in ‘herd immunity.’

#3: China is to blame for CoV19.

#4: There are no other treatments for CoV-19 disease except for hydrochloroquine and forthcoming ‘fast-tracked’ vaccines.

#5: Johns Hopkins is accurately tracking and reporting the number of new coronavirus cases and deaths nationwide and worldwide.

#6: President Trump’s appointed director of his coronavirus response team, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is among the world’s best informed and most trustworthy infectious disease experts.

#7: ‘Social Distancing’ will defeat the coronavirus, masks reduce transmissions, and ventilators are required to treat coronavirus sufferers most urgently.

#8: Frequent hand-washing is the best thing you can do to prevent coronavirus disease and death.

#9 “We are all in this together.”

#10 A coronavirus vaccine will save us from this terrible plague.

My own simple reflections:

Praise the Lord for this turn of events. No other combination of fraud and economic and social collapse could have sparked a Great Awakening. The public now sees both the dangers of the top-down fascist state disguised as the nanny state, and the Deep State end-game of mandatory universal vaccinations including DigitalID combined with a cashless society where you can be “zeroed out” for failing to conform.

My original article nailed this in all respects but two: I did not include Soros and Gladio, and I did not realize that President Trump was going to leverage this so brilliantly.

Robert Steele in Tehran Times: Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

There is no substitute for human intelligence and integrity from the bottom-up. Localization must be the order of the day going forward. After a full and proper investigation Bill Gates should be sentence to death for crimes against humanity including the sterlization of women without informed consent; the murder of children for which he is on trial right now in India; and treason against the United States of America. BigPharma (and BigAg and other elements  of the Deep State) need to be put down.

All signs are that President Donald Trump is doing just that.  If he fails I will join with others to pick up this standard, but right now, today, I think he is working miracles and merits our trust and support.


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