Yoda: Meditation Victory? GESARA for Third World?

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On the edges, signs of hope?

Cobra Update: Victory Report

Our mass meditation was a huge, enormous success. About 8 million people were informed, with over 1.1 million actually participating. Collective display of unity was amazing.  Read full report with many observations and links.

Partial GESARA being forced on to the Deep State fronts?

IMF Executive Board approves immediate debt service relief for 25 eligible low-income countries

IMF Executive Board Approves Immediate Debt Relief for 25 Countries

World Bank Group President David Malpass: Remarks to G20 Finance Ministers

The World Bank Group Moves Quickly to Help Countries Respond to COVID-19

Phi Beta  Iota:  “Debt service” means interest payments. Real relief would be total cancellation of all debts imposed by the Deep State.  Let us hope that will come in due course.

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