#UNRIG Video (18:44) Dr. Shiva, GOP Candidate for Senate, Speaks Truth to Power — Former Spy Robert Steele Endorses Him

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Description and Links Below the Fold

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is an all-American patriot and thinker committed to the truth with some hard-hitting comments about Boston as the other center of the Deep State (NYC is still Ground Zero). In this 18 minute interview, you will learn what makes him a great American and how he hopes to help our President Make America Great Again, starting with firing Fauci, getting everyone back to work, ending all talk of mandatory vaccines, and killing BigPharma. He needs your help to overcome GOP opposition to his nomination. The first link below is his website. The second is his phenominal letter to President Trump. And the third is how anyone in Massachusetts can submit a signature to get him on the ballot.


Immune and Economic Health for America Coronavirus

3 Easy Steps

Dr. Shiva in my view represents everything that is RIGHT with America. I hope you will share this video across all the patriot networks, and also to all networks in Massachusetts, where mothers are abandoning the Democratic Party in opposition to toxic vaccinations that kill and maim children.

He needs 8,000 signatures by 24 April. GO GO GO! Mobilize! Activate. Communicate. Inspire. Live free or die. This man is the real deal!

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