Martin Armstrong: Bill Gates is Hitler — Be Chipped or Die!

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Bill Gates is the Greatest Threat to Your Future

Bill Gates is the single greatest threat to your future. His entire agenda is to outlaw all gatherings until you are vaccinated and chipped so they know you are vaccinated. This man is conspiring to take down Western culture.

Bill Gates has unleashed his conspiracy against the people precisely on the turn of the ECM on January 18, 2020. There was a meeting in Switzerland where select people were told this virus would crash everything so get out of your stocks and bonds (this is not speculation or a guess).

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ROBERT STEELE:  If ever there were a time to bring to bear the full capabilities of the US  Government, now is that time. Bill Gates is arguably a traitor and a criminal and a funder of conspiracies so broad and deep as to warrant the death penalty after due process. If the President were to unleash Mike Flynn, Bill Binney, and me on all the data, within 90 days we would have every insider trade and all the evidence needed to put 5,000 people in jail — and some to death — before the 4th of July.

Perhaps the President does not need us and has already done this.

In some ways this is a replay of the Great Depression which was contrived by the banks to eliminate the middle class, buy up America at depression level prices, and consolidate control over the federal government. Wayne Jett tells that story very well in The Fruits of Graft.

There are at least four narratives emergent.

Gates and mandatory vaccines that kill and maim and sterilize and “tag” (DigitalID) are the endgame to what is already a mass atrocity — vastly more people will die of suicide and other causes including starvation, because of Bill Gates and his Deep State cohorts. 5G is part of this narrative.

The second narrative is not yet fully appreciated by the public, but many of us have been speaking to the scourge of what West Pointer Joachim Hagopian has written to in Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State. If President Trump is indeed cleaning out all the tunnels and rescuing several hundred thousand children, many tortured and deformed, this will unite the 99% against the 1% in a manner most compelling.

The third narrative has to do with the destruction of the old economic order owned by the 1%, and the elimination of many organizations and jobs associated with that old order. A multi-trillion dollar re-investment will be needed, and it will include full salaries for all who have lost their jobs, along with retraining.  The President is starting to speak of his vision for a massive rebuilding of America, but he does not yet appear to have been briefed on the fragility of our food network and the urgency of recreating America as a web of self-sustaining United Counties of America, each self-reliant in terms of energy, food, water, and health supplies. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a favorite of my favorite, Dr. Ron Paul, has outlined the essentials in his book, ANTI-FRAGILE: Things That Gain from Disorder. Localization.

The fourth and final narrative, which brings us full circle in the context of what Martin Armstrong has written, is about the battle for the soul of humanity, what John Bogle and William Greider called the battle for the soul of capitalism, but this is much much larger. This is about whether God or Satan triumph, whether we create Heaven On Earth, God's Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven: Ascension Christianity.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are central to the drama of pedophilia, pedophilia entrapment, and child torture and sacrifice, but Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the likes of Buzzy Krongard and John Brennan are all in there as well.  George Tenet will be lucky to avoid jail time. Everyone entangled with the Mossad's Nine Veils of Evil in each of the 50 states will be exposed.

It is my deep honor to be alive and in service to the public at this time, in this place. When the President is ready, I stand ready to be part of a vast purge of the US secret intelligence and counterintelligence archipelago that has totally betrayed  the public trust. Mike Flynn was on the right track with his idea of an audit (neither OMB nor GAO do real audits at the level of darkness required here).

Could Christian Collectivism (along with Christian Truth & Reconciliation) be our salvation, the foundation for our transformation, to be one with God?

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