Yoda: Fake Medicine – YouTube CEO Accomplice to Murder? Will Brendan Sullivan, aka “Potted Plant,” Save Her from Her Own Idiocy?

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False, WHO narrative is. Complicit, YouTube CEO is. Accomplice to murder? Many lawsuits for Brendan Sullivan to manage?

YouTube CEO: We’ll ban any coronavirus content against WHO guidelines

Pennacchio: Mounting World-Wide Evidence Shows HCQ’s Effectiveness. NJ Still Not Listening.

Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36% (and Other Supporting Studies)


EXAMPLE: Repressed proven cures that threaten the fake medicine promoted by BigPharma.  People died because of this repression.

EXAMPLE: Repressed known importance of 5G lowering immunity, and need for oxygenation, protected medical malpractice of putting people on ventilators that do not address the needs, sentencing most to death by malpractice with ventilator.

EXAMPLE: Repressed warnings against lockdowns and masks now know to not make a difference and in some cases make it worse.

EXAMPLE: Repressed warnings against vaccinations actually reducing immunity and increasing chances of contracting the disease by 36%.

ROBERT STEELE: I sent Brendan Sullivan an email pointing out that his client (the YouTube CEO is a subordinate to Google, Brendan Sulllivan, aka “Potted Plant,” is Google’s top lawyer in DC) is going to be seeing a number of lawsuits that charge her with being complicit in murder — in malicious medical malpractice that falsifies just about everything having to do with the fake pandemic while murdering people by putting them on ventilators instead of treating them with known combinatioins of HCQ and oxygenation.

What YouTube should be doing (mysteriously, they have not touched my own YouTube channel) is relying on the indemnification provided by the Communications Decency Act and allowing all points of view to be aired.

I provided Sullivan with the below list of names, also in the hands of President Donald Trump, and suggested that YouTube would be liable if it continued to censor these authorities who challenge the false official narrative.  WHO is “led” by a war criminal without a medical degree who is totally compromised by Bill Gates, as is Mini-Mussolini (Fauci).

Arthur Firstenberg
Dr Joel Kettner
Dr John Ioannidis
Dr Peter Goetzsche
Dr Pietro Vernazza
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
Dr Wolfgang Wodarg
Dr Yanis Roussel et.al.
Dr Yoram Lass
Dr. David Katz
Dr. Eric Berg
Dr. John Ioannidis
Dr. Rashid Buttar
Dr. Ron Paul
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai
Dr. Thomas Cowan
Frank Ulrich Montgomery
George Carlin
Jon Rappoport
Michael T. Osterholm
Paul Doyon
Peter Diamandis
Prof. Hendrik Streeck
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Any media outlet that perpetuates the false official narrative and censors truthful alternative views is ripe for nationalization or replacement.  IMHO.


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