Robert Steele: Google Filtering — Should It Be Illegal?

Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Corruption, IO Impotency

I coined the term #GoogleGestapo and have watched with great concern as the major platforms — Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube particularly, have violated their commitment to Congress (the Communications Decency Act indemnifies them on content with the intent of protecting free speech).

They are all censoring individuals and manipulating information with impunity.  I am especially troubled by Google Search now being worthless — a mix of paid search results having nothing to do with the focus on the search query and active manipulation of search results to both filter out what Google does NOT want you to see (e.g. praise of our President or criticism of Google), and to sway small minds in election rigging and other  directions.

Recently I noticed several stories about Google’s corrupt indexing system that are not — surprise — indexed by Google.  They don’t show up.  The blocked content includes articles about Hustle, produced by

Google appears to be censoring articles that reveal some of the more questionable search engine optimization tactics. Here are three articles scrubbed from the Google Web index:

Recently I  talked about this with Stephen E. Arnold, the top authority on the planet on both Google and Search.

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