Robert Steele: The Corruption of Justice — Elderly Being Stripped of Their Estates by Crooked Judges — One of Several Forms of “Legalized” Human Trafficking in the USA

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Sidney Powell remains  one of the top authorities on corrupt judges and prosecutors but I have long been concerned by my own observations. Corrupt prosecutors and judges not only enable federal, state, and local officials to lie to the court and abuse victims with impunity, but it is not well known that corrupt judges are complicit in two forms of human trafficking apart from putting blacks and youth in prison for no good reason other than to fill prisons:

01 The oldest form is the removal of children from their parents by Child Protective Service organizations that were formed with good intent but quickly became overrun with pedophiles who converted these processes into feeder pipelines for harvesting children from parents and selling them to pedophiles. The anonymnity in adoption is there largely to protect the pedophiles and cover up the criminal transfer.

02 The newer form of human trafficking is the harvesting of the elderly to steal their estates. It takes a crooked doctor, a crooked prosecutor, a crooked judge, a crooked sheriff AND the complicity of BOTH the state facility where the maliciously drugged toward impairment elder is placed; and the financial managers (banks, tax prepareres) who should but never do sound the alarm when their perfectly  fine elder suddenly disappears and a court order from a crooked judge takes their estate into a maze of transfers leading to the pockets of these crooked predators.

The Department of Justice has taken an interest in financial crime against the elderly under  President Trump, but it is still avoiding the really big one: the harvesting of the elderly by our own law enforcement system — and complicit nursing homes.

COVID-19 has cleared a lot of bed for the next group. This would be a good time for a RICO on everyone touching and killing the elderly across the USA.


How the Elderly Lose Their Rights

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