Dan Schultz: GOP Betrays & Undermines the President….Again.

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I saw this morning Parscale being hammered on Twitter, about all the Trump family “you haven’t been donating” emails, and he said “it ain’t my fault.”  Yeah, he’s just the grifting “Campaign Manager.”  If it’s not his fault, what does this flunky do as “Campaign Manager” other than enjoy his exotic car and three houses and hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly compensation?

Wed. night I was on a Zoom call for our monthly Legislative District 18 Republican Committee.  The “Trump Victory” kids were giving a presentation about what they are doing to help GOTV.  They made about 750 door visits in the last month and made a few thousand phone calls.  I asked, via chat, which voters they were targeting, the “higher propensity & ‘perfect’” voters or the “lower-information, lower-propensity” voters (the ones they ought to be contacting).  They dodged the question and said they were contact the “Republican voters our models say are ‘center right’”.  In other words, they are contacting Republicans who are inclined to vote for Trump.  In other words, it’s all “eye wash” “make work” to show “Trump Victory” is “doing something” when in reality all they are doing does nothing. 

In Florida, the ruse is called “The Trump Train.”  Lots of asking for money, lots of “make work.”  All designed to make Republicans think the RNC is helping Trump when, in actuality, it’s not. 

Same thing in Florida—over half of the Republican Party PC slots are vacant, and the RINOs like that just fine.

The conservatives Republicans?  They’re clueless.  About how to GOTV effectively.  And Trump hasn’t taught them, as he should have.

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