James McCanney: Caution on CIA and NASA Bullshit?

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Just watched your 11 July 2020 video UNLEASHED.

Agree with everything EXCEPT the end as I consider Tom Bearden to be a flake … he is a planted CIA supported street “scientist” on “free energy” and actually
is a diversion from real science … but your point is well taken with respect to how we in the West are light years behind Russia and other countries regarding real science … a LOT of the space science NASA misinformation comes from a clown named Tony Phillips whose job at NASA has been for decades to filter any real science upwards to the mil level Jesuit-controlled science and then bequeath on the general public a bunch of tier 2-bullshit science …

many many points in your video well taken … I hope President Trump wakes up and starts actually trying to win this election — the  next four years are critical to our survival … the Deep State is pulling out all the stops to cheat at the upcoming election … to including ordering their RINOs to shift sides and putting looney left and Obama illegal alien blacks and as you put it, “dumb ass white kids” into the streets.

ROBERT STEELE:  I consider James to be one of the brightest people I know and also one of the most relevant and useful to Making America Great Again, are particularly in the localization and self-sustainability domains. I don’t consider Tom Bearden a flake in so far as I can understand what he worked so hard to put into the public domain: the Russians are far ahead of us in energetics, gravito-biology, and remote time-energy quantum space manipulation.

Decide for yourself with these additional links, the first honoring James and the second Bearden.

James McCanney @ Phi Beta Iota

Thomas Bearden @ Phi Beta Iota


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