Review: Red Mafiya – How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America by Robert I. Friedman

5 Star, Crime (Government), Crime (Organized, Transnational)

 5 Stars — Epic Reference With Two Gaps

I have come to the conclusion that we need to bring our Special Operations hunter-killer teams home, and begin taking out gangsters using a special court and NSA data. They have no rights, they should be killed as needed.

One has to read the book to grasp what the author chose not to put in the title: the Red Mafiya is a Zionist Israeli gang comprised largely of Russian criminals who emigrated to Israel from Russia, then infiltrated the USA with Israeli passports, and iwho flee to Israel as needed (Israel does not extradite its “citizens” to the USA, which provides most of Israel's budget.

The author explicitly cites Zionist influence on  the US Congress as the reason the FBI has not been allowed to do its job against the Zionist-Russian Red Mafiya and he implicitly tied Senator Chuck Schummer very closed to the Russian criminals based in New York generall and Brighton Beach specifically.  Israeli banks in NYC and elsewhere — and I would imagine Goldman Sachs — play a central role in money laundering for the Zionist-Russian Red Mafiya.

The author writes that the Chabad Jews sponsor Russian Jewish crime lords.

I see two gaps in the book published in 2000:

First, it does not discuss how the Zionist Russian Red Mafiya that includes the Meyer Lansky's, the Brofmans, the Les Wexners and the like) hired the US Department of Justice and the FBI to take out the Italian mafia as a means of clearing the way for the Zionist Russian Red Mafiya. Rudy Guliani was the principle hired hand, and was in turn “handled” by Michael Chertoff, who went on to be the founding Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security that in my view has become a Zionist base element that orchestrates false flag events (which seem to have stopped since I delivered the reference on Sandy Hook to two Congressional Committees, DoJ, and the White House) and makes possible complete Zionist harvesting of all law enforcement communications and computing not already available via Zionist control of the National Security Agency databases.

Second, while the author does his best on  this point, I am simply not seeing the deep look at how the Zionist Russian Red Mafiya has  taken over everything. I was certainly shocked by the excellent details the author has provided on extortion particularly, but my sense is that we need a more in-depth book that makes the case for treating the Zionist Russian Red Mafiya as enemy combatants without rights of any kind.

China, Iran, and Russia are not the main enemies of the USA.  The main enemy of  the USA is the Zionist Russian Red Mafia carrying Israeli passports, protected by Senator Chuch Schummer among others, and very much right here, in our face, in our homeland, looting and raping and killing with impunity.

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