Donald Trump: On QAnon Against Pedophiles & Satanists UPDATE 1

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‘Is that such a bad thing?': Trump willing to help QAnon conspiracy theorists ‘save the world' from cannibals and paedophiles

Phi Beta Iota: The Deep State is in a panic.

Facebook removes QAnon conspiracy group with 200,000 members

Facebook purges 790 QAnon groups as the fringe conspiracy movement keeps growing

Both Satanists and pedophiles (including murderous pedophiles) are being identified. Below is one starting point for public education, all chapters free in full text online, plus a tag cloud of all names.

See Especially:

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UPDATE 1: Another post on Q Anon will appear tomorrow, in the interest of deepening this first widely shared post, here is an advance view of the Q portion.

And then there is this “hit piece” on Q Anon from The Atlantic — a major Deep State publication — that simply defies all association with reality and logic.

The Prophecies of Q: American conspiracy theories are entering a dangerous new phase.

Alternative Reality on Q:

Below is going to be in The Steele Report on Monday. Because of the importance of Q Anon, and the remarkable “party line” against Q Anon that now includes Marianne Williamson (a suspected MK-ULTRA via Dr. Gottlieb) as well as Caitlin Johnstone, we have decided this needed to also be published free online.

Marianne Williamson on Twitter: “Q Anon is a “dark psychic force,” by the way.” / Twitter


Q Anon – real or not real – my appraisal

I personally became a believer in Q Anon at three levels: first, I formed the impression that it was in some way associated with or guided by General Mike Flynn, whom I know and admire; second, I saw absolute proofs emerge in 2019 that showed 2017 and 2018 Q drops to be   prescient; and third, people I admire, such as Martin Geddes, have made their case in writing (Ten Essays on Q, WWEG1WGA) and in video interviews.

Charlie Ward and Charlie Freak are well-known promoters of Q and I like what they do, but it is Martin who has actually laid out all the evidence that makes Q Anon one of the greatest positive psychological and public education endeavors of all time.

Caitlin Johnstone, normally one of the best observers of the human condition from her base in Melbourne, Australia, has gotten it wrong, in my view, with her recent hit piece on Q Anon, “QAnon Is A Fake, Decoy Imitation Of A Healthy Revolutionary Impulse.”

I have designed this week’s report to be a paean or work of homage toward Q Anon, and with my concluding sections on revolutionary pre-conditions and what needs to be done, seek to make the case that Donald Trump is the face of a deep broad counter-revolutionary attack on what Martin Geddes calls Cultural Marxism, and others call the Synagogue of Satan.

It should have caught everyone’s attention when President Trump, asked about Q Anon, artfully avoided a direct connection but immediately mentioned Satanists and pedophiles. You can watch the video clip within Caitlin’s article.

It was I who encouraged Joaquim Hagopian, a West Pointer, to write the book, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State. I devised the title, obtained the cover art, and created the website,, where all chapters are free online and there is now a tag cloud with all names from the book.  I also asked Joaquim to ensure that all his endnotes included live links to the cited sources and he has done that.  I wrote the Foreword to the book and also serve as a Commissioner and Chief Counsel for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. You can see my opening remarks in London at this video that has also been translated into French and Spanish. I dare to surmise that I know more about Satanists and pedophiles than Caitlin does. Martin Geddes is one to believe.

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