The Steele Report: Questions Being Answered Today

Steele Report

The following questions will be answered in today's video at 1300 Eastern, as well as questions generated during interactive chat.

1. Do you recommend Newt Gingrich’s books about Trump?

2. What is the fake bible the Zionists gave to Christian Evangelicals, and what did it say different from any other Bible?

3. Is it safe to make a formal complaint to DOJ-IG about corruption in FBI?

4. What prompted you to say that chemtrails has been reduced?

5. What leverage does the Aga Khan and the Vatican have? Does the Queen have the power of a yeast infection? Are they fronts for others with real juice?

6. Many get in the business world and achieve success in areas widely divergent from their degree. Is intelligence also a learn by doing and observation endeavor?

7. On phibetaiota, you have posted a most compelling article by Jim Stone which raises strong questions supported by an aerial photo of recent “upgrades” on the island. Stone closes by saying: “if the communists were losing, why would this island get substantially upgraded…”
Do you have any thoughts on this?

8. Considering the child trafficking into underground military bases and the paramilitary's efforts to free the kids and remove them, how can the building of new underground military bases be alright?

9. Re Covid scam how can you cover a decade of short sales? Aren't these shorter term trades?

10. There has to be some conflict and flux between transcendent creatures like the Pleiadians and Arturnians and the low lives who are abducting humans. Could you give us something on this for the future?

11. I just learned about ideological subversion from Yuri Bezmenov. I feel we are rapidly approaching the civil war level in our country. What is your knowledge of this subject?

12. I know you've answered questions about chemtrails, but I'm wondering if you can give subscribers a more comprehensive overview of this complex subject. As you know, right now CA and CO are suffering from some of the worse wildfires ever, and an unprecedented dual hurricane system is approaching the east coast. I don't think these are natural events, do you agree?

13. Is the real Kim Jung Un alive?

14. Shouldn't we all be getting behind the efforts of Anna VonReitz to reestablish America properly? Do we have any other choice given the present untenable situation we now face with the existing foreign subcontractors?

15. Fitts says the central bankers are still in control and are taking the world into a digital money enslavement trap via the reset. Dave on x22 and my RV/GCR sources say that we will have a real currency backed by gold and the C. Bank is under Trump's control in the USTreasury. What do you think?

16. What measures did your parents employ to keep their family safe while living in Vietnam during the 60’s?

What is your most memorable event and or person while living there?

17. Have you ever heard of david goldberg's intel about project pogo and project zyphr? david had a white house source who gave him highly classified documents which revealed a frightening plan for the american people.

18. Why is the President still allowing the Covid hoax to continue?

19. As a former CIA spy, how would you go about identifying and eliminating deep state operatives within the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies?

20. Are you still confident that DT has a handle on the vote by mail issue and will make it a non issue by September before the ballots are out?

21. Just started reading Pedophilia and Empire and it mentions these overlords who have controlled us since the beginning are not human. If not what are they?


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