Mongoose: Are Democrats Under Trump Control?

Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government

Proof of Submission to Trump / 3Days3Nights

“Relax. Trump already won. He forced the globe to submit to #MAGA under fear of DECLASS. Everything you are witnessing now is the dead cat bounce of Satanic Socialists. And it will wake up BILLIONS. Here’s proof to make your day. ”

ROBERT STEELE: I come to similar conclusions in The Steele  Report that is coming out on Monday 31 August 2020. The DNC is simply not this stupid. They appear to be under control and playing the role of “heel” in the Trump wrestlemania show. Less well understood is the demise of the GOP and the RINOs.

Elsewhere there are those that state that both Pelosi and Schumer have been indicted, confessed on video, and a plea deal struck.

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