Robert Steele: Misis Institute on Too Much Centralization Creating Permanent Crises

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Too Much Centralization Is Turning Everything into a Political Crisis

Is American politics reaching a breaking point? A recent study by researchers from Brown and Stanford Universities certainly paints a grim picture of the state of the national discourse. The study attempts to measure “affective polarization,”

ROBERT STEELE: The article is good but misses the point. While centralization is certainly a major factor in making bad policy, the real problem is that centralization allows the Deep State to bribe and blackmail key people who can then harm t he public at scale. The bribery and pedophilia blackmail is creep down to the county level now but what is really killing us is the degree to which the Shadow Government — the two party tyranny and the 10% in the USG who are traitors — is working for the 1% and not the 99%. Localized self-sufficiency and localized self-governance is what the US Constitution intends, we need to get back to Made in America, Schooled in America, LOCALLY.

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