Yoda: Cosmic Wars and Multiple Timelines — 64 Timelines, in 14 of Them Cabal WINS

Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

Alert Reader writes in:

I knows there is a lot happening in the news right now (RBG passing, etc.), but I feel the need to pass on a few things I am learning from the Cosmic Agency series. In addition to watching the oldest videos first, I am also watching the new ones being uploaded. There is good news and bad news. First, the good news. Out of a possible 64 different time lines, in 50 of them the Cabal LOSES. In the end, they will not prevail. The only difference is how much damage and suffering the human race will have to endure before things come to their inevitable conclusion. Nothing is set in stone, and we are capable of mitigating the damage.

Now for the bad news. Swaruu says the critical time for the planet is between March 2020 and March 2025. She predicts more confinements and restrictions and economic collapse. The masks are indicators of which populations are submissive – those who wear them will turn on those who do not. Same with vaccines. The “zombies” will ASK for the vaccines. This will bring about their destruction. There will be a series of vaccines required, not just one. They will make people progressively sicker, and many will die. Those of child bearing age will be rendered sterile. This is how the depopulation agenda will be achieved. The rest will be turned into transhuman androids, effectively destroying the human race. (Note: In one scenario, the vaccine is not made mandatory so as not to violate the Constitution and bring court challenges. The people will think they have won a great victory. HOWEVER, institutions and corporations will require it in order for people to go to school, work, travel or buy things. This, effectively, serves the same purpose as a mandatory vaccine.) Souls who cannot bear what is happening will die (leave the game). A few will escape the planet in ships. The masses will experience genocide.

It does not matter who wins the U.S. election – the outcome will be the same. Trump is GENUINE, but he works at a low level and does not have much power. He is working for his group (White Hats) and their interests – they are just another faction of the Cabal (this would tend to corroborate what Ben Fulford has been saying, i.e. warring factions within the Illuminati). The key to survival is not going to be politicians or defeating corporate villains – the key is the people on the street and the human collective refusing to go along with the program.

In 4 of the timelines, the people realize that the virus is a HOAX, and they refuse to take the vaccinations. They say NO after rumors of vaccine deaths, and they stop cooperating with the Cabal. They will be met with government resistance – the military will crush protests and rebellions. There will be great cost in deaths and human suffering. From the ruins, a new society will be formed. Great growth will come from the experience. Although painful for those in 3D who have to live through it, from the interstellar perspective, it is just part of the natural cycle for all civilizations – societies are born, they grow, flourish and die. They will NOT intervene as this is part of the grand design, and many of us actually chose to be here at this particular time for the experience! Go figure.

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