Robert Steele: The Truth About Western Fires — Acts of Man & Weather Warfare NOT A Climate “Crisis”

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence

Robert Reich is a very smart man, so I have to wonder if he is being bribed or blackmailed to publish absolute crap about Western wildfires that are clearly acts of man (and stop at the Canadian border).

Trump doesn't care if wildfires destroy the west – it didn't vote for him

Graphics below the fold.

NOTE: Below links to additional images including two that show lasers allegedly starting fires.  We have no direct knowledge but conclude that arson is clearly a major factor, as well as decades of power company neglect such that antiquated power lines are arcing and causing fires.  There is a high probability that rogue elements are also using lasers and drones dropping fire bombs. This is a counterintelligence challenge — we see no evidence the US Government is being responsible about intelligence and counterintelligence in relation to this clear and present danger to the security and welfare of eveyone in the far west.

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