Stephen E. Arnold: Is Palantir In Big Trouble?

Commerce, Corruption, Government, IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

Palantir Technologies: A Problem for Intelware Competitors?

The Palantir Technologies initial public offering is looming. Pundits are excited; for example, “Palantir Has A Long Uphill Battle Towards Customer Acquisition, But Benefits From Stickiness And Contract Expansion” makes clear that the journey to profitability may be like the Beatles observed: A long and winding road. Others are focused on churn; for example, “5 things to Know about Palantir’s Upcoming IPO.” DarkCyber’s response: “Just five?”

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ROBERT STEELE: I am increasingly of the view that corrupt elements of the federal and state and county governments have created a giant money-laundering enterprise that loots the public treasury for private gain.  I can think of no other explanation for why the agricultural, banking, military-intelligence, and pharmaceutical complexes thrive while delivering virtually no value to the public.  Below is a video with Dr. David Martin that has influenced me, but I build on the earlier views of Chuck Spinney with respect to the corruption inherent in “government specifications cost plus” engineering.”

#UNRIG Video (28:09) Dr. David Martin on Fake Virus, Massive Money Laundering, Plan to Take Trump Down in October

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