Berto Jongman: Integrating Information in Joint Operations (IIJO)

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Email dated 27 October 2020

To the SMA Community,

At the request of Headquarters US Air Force (HAF), SMA initiated a study to address how the Joint Force can best understand and integrate information and influence into its activities across the competition continuum.

The attached 5×8 for the Integrating Information in Joint Operations (IIJO) effort provides an overview of the project and the several research lines of effort.

We are pleased to release two products in support of this effort:

  • An annotated bibliography of Prior SMA Work on topics in the Information environment.
  • In support of the literature review, this quick look Cognitive Biases: Causes, Effects, and Implications for Effective Messaging reviews types of biases. Understanding sources and types of cognitive bias can help minimize miscommunication and inform development of better strategies for responding to adversary attempts to leverage these biases to their advantage.


If you are interested in seeing how you can be more involved in this effort, please email

Mariah C. Yager
Sr. Research Scientist -NSI
SMA Management Team
Rm. 1D557

PROVIDED PDF (6 Pages): USAF IIJO 5×8 20201026

ROBERT STEELE: I rather liked this.  There is so much that is not covered, but on balance I found this to be elegant and worthy of study. Use the links above to study what has been accomplished so far.

Pretty hard for anyone to lead with information (rather than decision-support) when they collect less than 20% of what is needed, spill 80% of that in how they ingest it, process 1% of what they end up with, and at the end of it all (General Tony Zinni's words) provide “at best” 4% of what a major decision maker needs and (my words) nothing for everyone else.

Very few people know that CIA created the AI Staff around me in 1986 or that the Marine Corps hired me as the ranking civilian creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity in 1988 because the big services were totally unreliable in relation to real world strategic generalization relevant to acquisition.

Nobody — anywhere — does holistic analytics and true cost economics. DoD's grasp of Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) is nil. DoD seems committed to lying about everything and ensuring that truth has no place in any strategic, technical, operational, or tactical decision, so it may be that I remain the skunk at the garden party and there is no point in engaging.

We may have to wait for President Donald Trump to mandate an Open Source Agency — against the opposition of CIA, USDI, and DARPA — but on balance, I found this material worthy of my time.


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