Pastor Brown: Robert Steele’s Localized Made in America Open Source Vision

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Without a vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 28:18

Implement the Open Source Agency and execute my vision for using Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) combined with holistic analytics and true cost economics for create a localized self-sustainable economy at the county level at a fraction of the cost of the failed globalist model that is 50% waste, 90% profit for the banks, and mostly toxic for the public.

More and more are coming to your vision .. I would say, “God is moving the world to a localized vision” in contrast to the Global new world order vision, which has been a disaster except for the 1%.

The Vast majority have been brainwashed with this globalization vision. We need to keep drawing a new local vision like you are doing. Many others from various backgrounds are coming to the same conclusion out of necessity. The SOLUTION is LOCAL, COUNTY as you put it. You are one of the very rare few who see this right now and have actually thought thru it and have the solution.

You introduced us to J.C. Cole and James McCanney — awesome. You have reviewed and mentioned Anti-Fragile by Taleb and Governing the Commons about the importance of localization.

You have reviewed several books that draw this same conclusion: local. You introduced us to Michael Tellinger — and then his one small town solution which is awesome. You should have an interview with him about his one small town solution .. and we all need to be painting a vision of this — this is what will win the day. People are fed up with the global nightmare — but they still do not SEE the Solution.

I am going after this from my Christian background of a local church that spans all denominations, forms of “churches” into one local community group that promotes and builds local solutions .. loving your neighbor and community. Others from other backgrounds will begin to SEE it too the more we talk about it.

Keep up your amazing work Robert — you are having a real impact. I pray that President Trump wakes up fully to this and really begins to listen to you and implement your real SOLUTIONS! God bless you and yours.

Pastor Brown


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