Review: The Plot to Change America by Mike Gonzalez

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Culture, Research
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5 Stars — Core Issue But Ignores a Lot

This is a quick read and ably presented with two focus points: legalized immigration to the wrong standards and illegal immigration as a means of watering down the values and voice of the original demographic blocks (genocided Indians, enslaved blacks, and the white majority); and contrived identity politics funded by the Deep State and its agents (e.g. Rockefellers, Soros) in order to constantly divide & conquer & diminish.

Too few focus on this last point: identity politics weakens us as Republic; it weakens families and communities and it weakens the nation as a whole.

QUOTE (3): I mean the deliberate creation of pan-ethnic and other identity groups, the idea that members of this panoply of collectives should get compensatory justice;  the culture of victimhood all of this engenders.

The author does a fine job of articulating the process — including the imposition of political correctness and the woke/cancel and virtue signaling that is so common to the brain-washed individuals and the bribed or blackmailed staff of universities, think tanks, even government agencies.

The costs include censorship and loss of liberty at multiple levels including speech, the right of assembly, the right to earn a living by dint of your merits instead of “redistributive” rulings — for example, that black people don't have to take final exams — and more.

The author does an excellent job of showing that grievance-mongering is not just a means of destroying the Republic, it is profitable and politically advantageous. There are pots of gold (at taxpayer expense but also from foundations such as Open Society and Ford and Gates and others) seeking to divide and conquer and diminish.  There are also political voting blocks that can be created, combining false identity politics with financial and other benefits at the expense of those being attacked who actually pay taxes.

The book does well as showing how the media, entertainment, and the universities are all co-opted elements of the Deep State endeavor to destroy the Republic and rule us all as dumbed down drugged up sheep. I particularly liked this:

QUOTE (215): Our universities and colleges–some thirty thousand four-year institutions and 1,500 two-year ones–have become madrasses in the Woke Jihad.

  1. The concluding chapter, “Now What?” is alone worth the price of the book.
  2. Call out dogmatic liberalism for what it is — corrupt idiocy.
  3. Follow the money and cut it off.
  4. End the use of the census to Balkanize the population.
  5. Fire the grievance industry.

On page 207 the author has an especially meritorious idea for a Presidential Order, with credit to Roger Clegg, president of the Center for Equal Opportunity:

QUOTE (207) In such an order, the president, whoever he or she might be, and of whatever party, should command each agency to ‘examine its regulations and relevant statutes to determine if any of them contain such requirements or permitting ofr permitting of discrimination or preference. Where such regulations are found, the agency shall prepare . . . an amendment to such regulation ending the requirement.' Agencies would be required to amend statutes that call for racial discrimination.

I find it quite noteworthy that in early September 2020 President Trump moved to cancel the Deep State training program seeking to make whites out to be the enemy, guilty of everything, while elevating the fraudulent minorities. I would love to see a counterintelligence study that traces with precision who created t his program, who influenced Congress or the agencies to implement it, and who is behind its subversive intent.

Trump Moves to Cancel Contracts for Government Sensitivity Training

As long as I am on the subject, let me say that I consider the Confederate Flag and Confederate memorials to be as sacred as the memorials to our Founding Fathers.  I am sick and tired of brain dead assholes spouting bullshit they do not understand, because someone has fed them a line of crap they are too stupid to evaluate (or in worse cases, simply wiped their brains and put in idiocy by multiple means.

The Civil War was fought by the North so that it could loot the South. The South was fighting a vastly more honorable War of Secession, to simply go its own way as the Republic ostensibly went its own way from Great Britain (we now know that 1776 was theater and Freemasons on both sides contrived a US “victory” while setting the stage for the USA to be a covert British colony for 200 years).

2015-06-29 Robert Steele: Vilification of the Confederate Flag is Abusive, Despicable, Ignorant Public Misbehavior

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