Robert Steele: CIA Targets Whistle-Blower — Time to Light Them Up?

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How a C.I.A. Coverup Targeted a Whistle-blower

When a Justice Department lawyer exposed the agency’s secret role in drug cases, leadership in the intelligence community retaliated.

Robert Steele comments below.

CIA is broken at multiple levels.

First at the strategic level, there is no discussion within this article of the vastly greater crimes of CIA — not al the good people trapped in the bad system known as CIA but rather the 10% rotten apples that do the dirty for the Deep State — such as trafficking in children, torturing and murdering children, and pedophilia entrapment blackmail; drone assassination with a 98% collateral damage (murder of innocents) ratio; rendition and torture for the Mossad and the Saudis; blackmail, framing and murder of US citizens for MI-5 and MI6, and much more.

Second, at the operational level the article completely misses the issue of whether we should be treating traffickers in children and drugs as enemy combatants who do not rate “due process” from a totally fucked up federal judiciary many of whose prosecutors and judges are themselves being bribed and blackmailed by the Deep State and the Red Mafiya and MI-5/MI-6 and the CIA/FBI; there is absolutely nothing wrong with inter-agency obfuscation of sources and method if — and only if — we simply mean to kill the assholes. We lack clarity in many areas across the US Government, this is one of them.

Third, at the technical level (in this case, internal integrity) the article is completely correct to find Gina Haspel as well as the gutless commanding general of the US Southern Command at fault for attacking a whistle-blower using the approved whistle-blower process. They should both be fired.

Fourth, at the tactical level, the article misses the reality that NSA has never provided tactical signals intelligence support to clandestine operations overseas or to border interdiction and domestic counterintelligence; and it also misses the reality that the US intelligence and counterintelligence communities are not actually designed to serve the public, do holistic analytics, or address all threats and all policies and all players as a whole.

In essence, the article focuses on one instance of bad cooking while ignoring the reality that the entire restuarant is burning to the ground.


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