State of the Nation: Are Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg America’s Top Traitors? Is the Fake Pandemic Their Death Warrant?

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The Brothers Grim: Bill and Mike’s Pandemic Panopticon

“The Good Club” has been working out a new global economic system, one that is biocapitalist in nature. I talk about it here. Open Society (Soros also a member of the club) paid for the Chicago boys to create neoliberal human capital equations for the coming futures commodity markets. End times make strange bedfellows.

The new model, which will be emerging from the Covid-19 ruins, is steeped in debt and data extraction. The latter advancing not only pay for success finance, but development of artificial intelligence through machine learning. Everyone in the know, including Bloomberg, understands THIS is the big game.

Blockchain token economies like and Ocean Protocol will eventually allow AI systems to pursue their own development through value creation and exchange – beyond the reach of humans. Whoever (or whatever) achieves general artificial intelligence first will be in a position to control the world; that is if they’re ALSO able to control emergent AI behavior – a very big IF.

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