Scott Bennett: Commentary on POTUS COVID-19 Drama

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Regarding the President allegedly being tested positive for COVID-19…..”Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid.” “I am the Lord who heals.”

This is the October surprise–and it is a gift that God has allowed to inspire an awakening in America. In short, the President will fully recover, and in the process single-handedly defeat the Hydra monster of the mythological Covid-19 , and inspire all good Americans–and people in general–to do the same.

The President will of course receive a great popularity percentage increase in the polls as people sympathize with him, and their hearts will turn to “helping him” through prayer and positive thoughts. Interestingly, this is what psychologists of course tell negative, depressed people to do when they are worried about their own problems and situation–go out, get your mind off of yourself, and help someone else. The President will ask people from the podium to pray for him, and wow…..then some spiritual fireworks will be unleashed and send the demoniacs spewing and spinning their heads off.

The President will say that he is emerging out of this cacoon of healing and uncertainty, he was able to reflect on the worry his children have about losing their father, his grandchildren the same, his wife the same, and indeed his own worry about losing his beloved wife. And most importantly he can share that in his own prayers, he confessed to God that he was worried about leaving the American people in these troubled times–when the mobs and fanatics burn and loot and destroy. He pleaded to God not to allow Americans to be left to be devoured by wolves, corrupt politicians, and violent communists seeking to destroy America’s freedoms, prosperity, and peace. He prayed to God to allow him to stay so that he can continue serving the American people. He did not want to leave them in these times. And God heard and answered his prayer, and has allowed him to stay, and made him a new man–a renaissance man. Like the Biblical figure who prayed to God for another decade of life,
and was granted it.

President Trump can also say that because he was taking Hydroxychloriquine (sp), the illness was not as bad as it could have been–and indeed it is what saved his life. He can say, if he is allowed to get it and save his life, then all Americans should be allowed to get it to save theirs. Afterall, every American life is as important as the President’s, as Speaker Pelosi’s, as any politician’s. So he can write an Executive Order, titled “The Healing Order”, where he authorizes the over the counter purchase of hydroxychloriquine for anyone who needs it–like aspirin, without a doctor’s order or exam.

Then of course the President said, he prayed to God to give him renewed strength, and he promised to continue on the campaign trail, and that the President is continuing his election speaking tour–even if he has to fly Air Force One by himself, leaning out and waving from the pilot’s chair. This will show all Americans the fantasy and falsehood of the Covid-19 flu, and convict all people that if a 70 year old President can recover and continue, then all of them should do the same.

The media and the democrats of course will be powerless to argue against the President’s “Joseph Campbell type descent into the cave and reimmergence as a new man”, and will begin falling backward into mutterings about how he should be kept in lockdown. Of course, his doing the opposite will once again make them a laughing stock and not to be trusted in the minds of the American people.

So the infection or testing positive of the President for Covid-19 will be a good political victory for the President–despite the fact that it probably just picked up some of his old flu shot residue and does not mean he’s truly seriously sick. But hey, when a line opens up to score a touch down, let’s help the President run it and block every demoniac-democrat attempt to tackle that comes.


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