#UNRIG Video (5:56) The Final Push — 3 Balls (Church, Biden Laptop, Google Lawsuit) 1 Strike (#UNRIG/Blacks)

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While all signs point to a decisive win by President Donald Trump on 3 November, and his win could even include Joe Biden dropping out as part of a plea bargain (which makes the win uncontestable), the President has failed to be serious about blacks and about #UNRIG — offering Sandernistas, 3rd parties, and Independents free and equal access to Congress as well as state and local legislative and other offices.

It is not too late for the President to do the following tweet and actually have a debate, in the CNN atrium in Georgia with Dr. Cynthia McKinney as the moderator, with the Presidential candidates for the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Parties. He could even invite a Sandernista to make the point that the DNC has again stolen the presidential primaries from Bernie Sanders.

See the three headlines at https://phibetaiota.net:

BREAKING: Cardinal’s Open Letter to President on Election Being About Good vs. Evil Posted to QPub, Evaluation by Robert David Steele [This Puts Pope and Vatican — 1 of 2 Synagogues of Satan — to Death]

BREAKING: Hunter Biden in Custody, Joe Biden to Drop Out? – Evaluation by Robert David Steele

SGT Report: Free Live Court Access Online Against Google, 9 am PST 2 Nov

See the free #UNRIG program at https://unrig.net

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