BREAKING: Hunter Biden in Custody, Joe Biden to Drop Out? – Evaluation by Robert David Steele

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ROBERT STEELE:  The CIA seal is bullshit.  CIA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Deep State (despite 90% of its people being good people trapped in a bad system) and nothing good will come of CIA (or FBI) until they are audited and purged at the top.

Having said that, I rate this as 60% or more likely to be true.

There are are multiple aspects of this that merit my comment.

First, Joe Biden is the Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) of our time. He is a sorry ass sack of shit politician selling influence without regard to the public interest for enormous profit, and by all reports also a pedophile who forced his granddaughter to shower with him.  This is significant in relation to what I have posited is the spiritual axis of good between John F. Kennedy (JFK) and Donald J. Trump (DJT), and related to the possibility that JFK Jr. is alive. Other than Hillary Clinton, who I believe has been dealt with behind the scenes, there is no better fall guy for the Deep State at this time than Joe Biden, and this mirroring of LBJ — who got away with it — is symbolic at a meta level.

Second, My DNC source Deep Anus told me months ago that Biden would drop out by 16 September, and then when he did not, that Biden was resisting at the same time that the RINO cross-over was demanding the top spot. Regardless of the back story, the fact is that the withdrawal of Joe Biden from the race has been on the table for over six months, and leaving it to the last minute so that on Election Day DJT is ***literally*** UNOPPOSED, making a challenge  totally impossible. Whether the House and Senate go Republican is immaterial, because I have been told that there will be over a hundred if not more resignations from Congress once DJT is confirmed as having been re-elected. While DJT has been blocked from hearing me and Dr. Cynthia McKinney on #UNRIG Electoral Reform Act, and Jared Kushner is a tone-deaf twit when it comes to consulting others, all signs point to a restoration of the Constitutional intent across all three branches of government.

Third, Hunter Biden is a known drug addict and the recent laptop material — which may be real in its origin but false in how it arrived in front of the public — appears to have been planned long ago and there  is even a possibility that the DJT White Hats and  the Chinese co-conspired to bring down the Bidens in this specific fashion.

Fourth, I have been saying for years that Truth & Reconciliation are the way to go, and that we should give most of the traitors, elite pedophiles, and white collar criminals a get out of jail pass provided they do full video confessions and then get out of the way. In the case of Wall Street, the fine needs to be $100 trillion (half of the total stolen and laundered in the last ten years).

Fifth, as I wait with bated breath for 3 November, I cannot but watch in awe as the greatest Information Operation (IO) in modern history plays out. The level of detail and the degree to which nuances have been factored in signals a depth and breadth of long-standing organization, intelligence, and integrity that is literally God-like — in  the service of humanity and destined to win.


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