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BitChute Video & Essay Below the Fold — YouTube Is Going Down . . .

Why Amazon Banned Our Book
At a certain age, many children go through a “why” stage. They pick an issue, or many issues, and ask why, seemingly over and over, never satisfied with the answers they receive. Why is the sky blue? We answer because the light hits the molecules of water in the air at a certain angle. Or, it’s because of the prism effect of the light and the air, or it’s because that is how the world was made. None of these answers seem to satisfy the child.

When we are teenagers and young adults, we learn that America is a free country, that we are living in the post-Enlightenment era in which we believe in science, reason, logic and rational discourse. We believe and are taught that we can go as far as our reasoning, intellect and imagination can take us.

When we become middle-aged adults, we refine our understanding of the issues in our field. We learn the precise rules that govern plumbing, electrical appliances, heart function, gardening or whatever is our chosen interest. We learn how to be discerning, we begin to understand all the known facts about our chosen field, and for some, we attempt to expand the boundaries of what is already known.

And, finally, as we become elders, some of us learn how hollow the whole edifice of “science” and institutional thinking has become. The hollowness of this aspect of life in America in 2020 is tragically evident. You probably have already heard that Amazon, the largest bookseller in the history of the world, has chosen to refuse to carry the new book I co-wrote with my friend Sally Fallon Morell. It sent notices to all those who pre-ordered the book, saying the publisher chose to stop its publication. That is a lie. Amazon chose to cancel carrying the book because it objects to the content, according to an email an Amazon representative sent to our publisher. This decision flies in the face of any claim that we live in a free and fair society where any and all legitimate discourse is not only allowed but also welcomed.

The central premise of “The Contagion Myth” is that, contrary to what we have been led to believe, no actual scientific evidence exists that any novel coronavirus exists. Science lays out clear, well-accepted and defined rules for how we determine that a new virus exists. Researchers take a sample from a sick person, macerate, filter and centrifuge it until a pure virus is obtained. This virus is then examined under the electron microscope.

Shockingly, on page 39 of the CDC’s July 2020 bulletin, the CDC acknowledges no published “isolates” of the coronavirus are known. Equally shockingly, the authors of the six most important papers on the isolation and characterization of this new virus all publicly and in writing admit that they neither purified nor isolated this virus. At this point, there is simply no evidence this virus exists, let alone causes any disease.

We, of course, could be incorrect in our documentation of these statements as well as many other pieces of historical evidence we lay out, in which case in a free, open and post-Enlightenment society, other researchers would come forth with clear evidence that we are in error. I would welcome such a discourse. I would love to review whatever studies they would present. Yet, instead, we are met with censorship and scorn. This response is an ominous development in the life of humanity, one we must oppose.

I am writing this to let my friends and supporters know what happened. “The Contagion Myth” has not been pulled by the publisher; at this point it is available through the following websites:

Barnes & Noble

It will also be available on our site. We are asking for your support: Our book is now No. 1 on Barnes & Noble’s best-seller list! We encourage you to buy from B&N, at least for now, to show how much people are interested in this subject. Share the book with your friends, start groups to talk about the contents of the book, send us comments, questions and feedback. Send us studies refuting or supporting our claims.

Human beings now are craving truth, dialogue, connection and freedom. Let us join together to oppose the medical tyranny that is based on lies and censorship. Let us join together to create a world fit for free and healthy people, not a dystopian world of corporate control. Join us.

To finish, I am still wondering why the sky is blue. Frankly, I don’t know the answer. My best guess right now is that blue is God’s favorite color.

With love,

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