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Sidney Powell Legal Fund:

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Every Legal Vote Map and Table of Detected Fraud Across Seven States



UPDATES (Sorted by Date of Publication — Less Videos Still To Be Done)


4 December 2020

WND: Report: Dominion machine analyzed, and yes, it switched votes

Zero Hedge: “This Needs Answers”: CCTV Video Of Georgia Poll Workers Sparks Election Fraud Outrage

Zero Hedge: Georgia Gov. Kemp Calls For Signature Audit Following CCTV Footage Of Late-Night Ballot Malarkey

3 December 2020

BrassBallsBlog: Clinton Foundation invested $2.25 million in Dominion voting machines

NaturalNews: Situation Update, Dec. 3rd – Trump invokes foreign interference provision of his 2018 executive order, authorizing military response to cyber warfare, see NSPM 13

Alleged server farm raided by forces loyal to the Constitution:

LewRockwell: Statement by Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States on Protecting the Integrity of the 2020 election.

InfoWars: President Trump delivered an epic 45-minute speech on Wednesday, detailing the Democrats’ hijacking of the 2020 election.

2 December 2020

NewsTarget: A “day of reckoning” is coming – Lin Wood reveals, “the evidence I have is stunning!”

WND:Sidney Powell, Lin Wood tell rally it's ‘1776 again' – Assure massive ‘Stop the Steal' crowd they have evidence Trump won

WND: Michael Flynn endorses martial law and national re-vote for president – ‘Freedom never kneels except for God'

Owl: A Super Authentic Eye Opening Thread on Trump 2.0

Zero Hedge: White House Slams AG Barr's Claims Of No Election Fraud: “There's Been No Semblance Of A DoJ Investigation”

1 December 2020

Gateway Pundit: WATCH LIVE… USPS WHISTLEBLOWERS COME FORWARD: Driver Delivered Hundreds of Thousands of Completed Ballots Across Three State Lines

Gateway Pundit: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: WE GOT IT! — Col. Waldron Confirms US Has a Copy of the Election Night Data ‘Traffic and Packets’ Sent Overseas to Frankfurt! (VIDEO)

Gateway Pundit: PURE EVIL: Democrat Operatives in Michigan and Georgia Tampered with Military Ballots — Filled Out New Ones 100% MARKED FOR JOE BIDEN

DaveHodges: All Hell Is About to Break Loose As Washington DC Is In a State of Absolute Panic

LewRockwell: The Proof Is In: The Election Was Stolen by Paul Craig Roberts

NewsWars: Firm That Owns Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 Million From Swiss Bank With Connection to Chinese Government Before Election

Zero Hedge: Powell: Dominion Server Removed From Fulton County While Lawyers Sought Restraining Order

Zero Hedge: Strange “Coincidences” That Should Deeply Bother Everyone Trying To Put The Puzzle Pieces Together

Zero Hedge: Georgia's Raffensperger Suddenly Concerned About “Illegal” Out Of State Votes

30 November 2020

Zixty (AUDIO 3:36) Ret LT General McInerney describes raid in which US Special Operations Forces seized Kraken servers

WorldViewWeekend:Exclusive: 3-Star General McInerney Calls For Martial Law, Tribunals & Investigation of Treason

GatewayPundit: Sidney Powell: “Frankly, I’m Beginning to think the Entire FBI and Dept. of Justice need to be Hosed Out with Clorox and Firehoses!” (VIDEO)

GatewayPundit:Crowd Erupts in Cheers as Giuliani Tells AZ State Lawmakers: “Your Political Career is Worth Losing if You Can Save the Right to Vote in America” (VIDEO)

Zero Hedge: Georgia's Raffensperger Suddenly Concerned About “Illegal” Out Of State Votes

Zero Hedge: “High Degree Of Confidence”: Deep-Dive Data Analyst Says More Illegal Votes In AZ Than Biden Margin Of Victory

American Thinker: A compilation of twenty alleged election ‘facts' that don't pass the smell test

WND: Federal judge orders Georgia voting machines protected – Officials banned from ‘altering, destroying, or erasing any software or data'

Below includes interview with Mike Flynn.

Phi Beta Iota: We are now bored with the headlines, the last word is Simon Parkes and his video below under 29 November 2020. Next two weeks should be way cool.  Joe Biden is probably wearing an ankle bracelet under his boot.

Our YouTube Terminated. Everything at

29 November 2020

Zero Hedge: Michael Flynn Says Coup Against Trump Still In Progress In First Public Remarks Since Pardon

According to Simopn Parkes and his sources, there were indeed 5 American military casualties as well as a high ranking official killed in the raid on the Dominion servers in Frankfurt. The heads of the FBI and CIA are going to be replaced very shortly – one position is already vacant. (Has anyone seen Gina Haspel lately?) Lots of arrests and military flights to Gitmo taking place. Many associated with Dominion and attempt to overthrow the USA have been arrested. GSA $7M transition is forcing Biden to declare foreign income – indictments being drawn up on all those associated with Hunter Biden laptop.  Third term for  Trump is possible — shake up so great could demand  this.

Phi Beta Iota: This would also allow time for a Constitutional Convention that demands public education for several years prior to its being viable.

Robert Steele: 15 Constitutional Amendments — Protect, Modify, Cancel — UPDATE 1

GatewayPundit: Sidney Powell: The #KrackenOnSteroids Team Is Also Looking at Election Fraud in Virginia

BlackListedNews: FBI asks Voter Integrity Project for findings on possible illegal ballots, group's leader says

Emergency Order just entered by Federal Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr.:

“Defendants are ordered to maintain the statue quo & are temporarily enjoined from wiping or resetting any voting machines in the State of Georgia until further order of the Court.”

GatewayPundit: BREAKING UPDATE: Judge Timothy Batten Issues Order to Freeze All Dominion Machines in Georgia!

PBI: This order may have been reversed. The drama continues.

Stop the steal NOW @BrianKempGA.

Ed Jewett: New Summary of Election 2020 Fraud

NewsWars: Gen. Flynn Emergency Message To America: President Trump Has Declared Path to Victory But He Needs Your Help Now

28 November 2020

GatewayPundit: Sidney Powell’s Georgia Emergency Declaratory Judgment Demands Seizure of Every Voting Machine in State

WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn's First Interview Since President Trump's Pardon

EpochTimes: Zuckerberg-Funded Group Comes Into Spotlight in Election-Related Court Cases

Summit News: Fareed Zakaria “There Are “Legal & Constitutional” Ways For Trump to Stay in Office”

Phi Beta Iota: This in our view is the beginning of the end of the false media narrative, now the tide turns. Our guess: he has made a deal with Team Trump.

Ed Jewett: Parler Chit Chat on QAnon+ What’s Happening

Martin Geddes: The Digital Coup and the Great Exposure

Phi Beta Iota: Above is one of the most brilliant essays we have seen on what happened and how triumph — and peace — loom.

See Also: Martin Geddes @ Phi Beta Iota

Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker)

“They aren’t saying ‘no evidence’ anymore They’re saying they don’t like the evidence Note the narrative shift”

Straightforward from here:

  • GOP controls state legislatures in key swing states
  • Legislatures convinced of fraud; send own/no electors
  • Biden deprived of 270
  • State delegations in House re-elect Trump 26-23

Phi Beta Iota: AND/OR Supreme Court sends to Congress after compelling statistical proof of electronic fraud undermining all votes see Corsi video. Needs special session of EXISTING Congress before end of year — NEW Congress starts 3 January can change rules to block Trump confirmation.

DailyBeast: Ex-Overstock CEO Says He’s Put Together an ‘Army of Various Odd People’ to Save Trump

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: 26 Pa. House Republicans call for withdrawing certification of presidential electors

ZeroHedge: Pennsylvania Judge Backs Trump Claims Over Mail-In Ballots, Says ‘Unlikely Constitutional'

GatewayPundit: “We Have Clear, Clear Paths to Winning for This President!” – General Michael Flynn Comes Out Swinging for Trump in First Post Pardon Interview (VIDEO)

Mongoose: Election 2020 Photographs of Truth!

RussiaToday: US Justice Department amends federal execution rules to allow death by hanging, electric chair, gas chamber & FIRING SQUAD

Phi Beta Iota: Excellent pressure move.  The Satanic pedophiles and their bribed and blackmailed servant class are squirming.

27 November 2020

The Spectator: Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling – If only cranks find the tabulations strange, put me down as a crank

@KyleBecker Related Thread

ABC27: [Pennsylvania] State Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Disputing 2020 General Election Results

GatewayPundit: DEVELOPING: Attorney Sidney Powell: We’ve Got Pictures of Check Stubs Paid to People to Ballot Harvest (Audio)

GatewayPundit: BLAST FROM THE PAST: Smartmatic CEO Introduces Creepy Bill Gates at Global Citizen Conference in June 2015

3Days3Nights: Military Tribunal Guilt Grid

Jon Rappoport: Rebellion rising; the people have had enough

WND: Trump cites ‘massive fraud' as Sidney Powell ‘releases the Kraken' – Lawsuits present eyewitness evidence of ‘pattern' across swing states

GatewayPundit: HUGE! Sidney Powell Witness Whom NY Times Described as “Always the Smartest Person in the Room” Concludes Hundreds of Thousands of Votes Transferred from Trump to Biden IN ALL BATTLEGROUND STATES

EraofLight: Roger Stone Claims Bill Gates, Microsoft Designed Software Used By Dominion To Allegedly Steal Election

DistributedNews: Depopulati

on vaccine advocate Bill Gates also designed the fraudulent election software used by Dominion

ZeroHedge: Trump Now Says Biden Will Have To ‘Prove' His 80 Million Votes Weren't Fraudulent Before Giving Up White House Trump Says Big Tech Immunities Must Be Terminated for ‘National Security’ Reasons

26 November 2020

26 November 2020 Additional

Free Press Ireland: 1.2 Billion+ in Presidential Election Bets – And Trump Is Pulling Like A Train

StateoftheNation: Joe Biden Belongs in Prison, Not the White House

WeLoveTrump: Lin Wood: “The evidence is there, no one is speculating…the election was stolen and it WILL be undone!”

Martin Armstrong: Judge Blocks Pennsylvania & Powell Files Sues George & Michigan Others Sue Wisconsin – Zuckerberg Bribed Officials with $6M?

ZeroHedge: “The Fraud Was Executed By Many Means”: Sidney Powell “Releases Kraken” With Dual Lawsuits In Michigan, Georgia

ZeroHedge: Giuliani, Trump Pull Off ‘One Hell Of A Hearing' On Pennsylvania Election Fraud


Sidney Powell: Kraken Release Update – Kraken Released on Georgia, Michigan

25 November 2020

Gateway Pundit: HUGE! PA Lawmaker: Democrat Governor Wolf MANDATED Dominion Voting Systems — It was NOT Voted on by Lawmakers

LifeSite: I know Sidney Powell. She is telling the truth

HUGE HUGE HUGE: GatewayPundit: NOT Making Headlines: Las Vegas Oddsmakers STILL Not Paying Out for Biden Victory — Gamblers More Honest than Garbage Dump Media

Courier-Journal: Judge: Beshear can't halt in-person instruction at private religious schools in Kentucky

Washington Examiner: Huge court win lets Trump present ballot evidence, could overturn Nevada result

GatewayPundit: BREAKING: KRAKEN RELEASED! Attorney Sidney Powell Files 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in Georgia Election – Update: Michigan too

VIDEO (5:09): Tens of thousands of Wisconsin ballots found, may be fraudulent

VIDEO (10:00) TRUMP CALLS IN: President Trump Phones In To Election 2020 Hearing In Pennsylvania

WND: WATCH: Witness describes 570,000-vote ‘spike' for Biden Bombshell testimony at Pennsylvania hearing draws gasps

ZeroHedge: Watch Live: Trump Tells PA Hearing “Election Has To Be Turned Around”

GatewayPundit: Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona Announce Election Fraud Hearings

EpochTimes: Judge Blocks Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results

JamesFetzer: EXCLUSIVE #StopTheSteal Evidence Dump: Proof Of Voter Fraud In 17 States

OperationDisclosure: Georgia Fraud Evidence Tomorrow || Sierra (NZ)

Phi Beta Iota: Includes many useful tweet images including one on how GSA transition process now traps Biden into self-incrimination.

24 November 2020

FEATURED — Very very high value in 19 minutes

StateoftheNation: THE GREAT STEALECTION: Trump got 80 MILLION votes, not Biden

VIDEO (34:28) Joe Oltmann Discusses How A Security Genius at Dominion Voting Promised Antifa Members A Trump Loss

Former CEO Of Overstock Says He Has Proof The Election Was Rigged, Can Overturn Biden’s Win

EpochTimes: Sidney Powell Filing Georgia Lawsuit on Wednesday, Says Attorney Lin Wood

WND: Don't count out Sidney Powell just yet – Exclusive: Teresa Blazewicz asserts attorney has shrewd strategy to prove her claims

FreedomTimes: Attorney Lin Wood Files To Subpoena Video Evidence In Case Against GA Secretary Of State

BrassBallsBlog: Hunter Biden and China's 18 patents used to steal Trump vote

GatewayPundit: “In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off” — Sidney Powell Drops a MOAB on AZ DEMOCRATS — COULD FLIP STATE!

State of the Nation: Deep State Will Be Defeated – Attorney Lin Wood (Video)

HUGE: Patrick Byrne @ Deep Capture: USA Election 2020 Was Rigged: The Evidence

Video (56:50) Juan O. Savin on The Kraken & Panic In The D.C. includes text summary of what was said, some HUGE statements of great import

OAN: Trump campaign continues to fight as more evidence of voter fraud emerges

Gateway Pundit: HAPPY THANKSGIVING: Lin Wood Announces Sidney Powell Will File Her Lawsuit in Georgia Tomorrow!

Video (5:51) Minnesota Freedom Rally “Stuff Your Mandate”

Video (43:15) The 2020 Election Was 100% Rigged & We Caught Them

State of the Nation: How Soros Has Been Subverting the Constitution by Bribing (and Blackmailing?) Judges, Prosecutors, Chiefs of Police, & Sheriffs (as Well As Governors and State Legislators)

Lew Rockwell: This is Potentially One of the Biggest, Most Explosive and Significant Stories in American History

Martin Armstrong: I Do Not Think Trump Will Win — Tyranny Looming?

Video (1:56:52) Dark Journalist The JFK Assassination 57 Years of Deep State Deception

Ed Jewett: US Government Argues It Can Kill US Citizens “At Will” and Without Due Process — We Do Not Make This Shit Up!

Video (50:54) Black Conservative Patriot Patrick Byrnes on US Election Fraud

23 November 2020

The New American: Stopping the Steal

American Thinker: It's in the Code: Hanky-Panky in Virginia's Votes

UPDATED: LIST OF INDICTMENTS, ARRESTS AND EXECUTIONS!! Dismantling the Deepstate Operatives and Doubles!!


Sidney Powell Legal Fund:

DefDog: A Priceless Twitter Thread on Trump’s Power and Genius

Mongoose: Is Jenna Ellis A Deep State Partner to Rudy Giuliani in Undermining President Donald Trump?

Robert Steele: Is Sidney Powell Going to Be In Charge of Treason Tribunals?

Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government, Military

Her Statement Agreeing with the Separation Document

Populist Press: Gen. Flynn: Sidney Powell ‘Staying the Course,’ Will Prove Alleged Election Fraud

ROBERT STEELE: I have heard from three different sources that this statement was necessary and Sidney is still respected by the President and doing what needs to be done but I also have  the impression that the President is FURIOUS with the “how” of this very ugly and unprofessional manner in which this was done.  I am totally loyal to the President — I am totally loyal to Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn — I regard Giulini and Ellis with restrained doubt.

Alert Reader A writes in:

Devastated by the Rudy hatchet job, then realized > Sidney knows Rudy is playing slow walk, civil suit LOSER game. She is preparing multiple state civil suits (only DOJ, AG can bring criminal cases) that specify state crimes and linking. The underlying international Racketeering > this will quickly force states to decertify election and start criminal investigation, and block FBI Interference of federal charges to be brought to military tribunals > Col Richard Black, JAG (retired) Perfect for this Nuremberg 2.0

Alert Reader B writes in:

Observing the media feeding frenzy against Sidney Powell, what I am seeing is a defamation lawyers' multi-billion dollar dream case emergent.  The attacks on Powell are in my view absolute defamation any jury will find in her favor on.

Alert Reader C writes in:

Robert, you are correct to be outraged at “the crass and unprofessional manner in which this was done, harming both Powell and the President” but I wonder if this was not a genius way of BOTH clarifying her separation AND creating a tsunami fund-raising push for — I know you donated and I have also, perhaps this is all for the best.

Alert Reader D writes in:

The media is a cesspool of shit and a certain segment of the population is unaware of who Sidney Powell is. She is not reported by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, et. al. As such, a fair segment of the population is under the spell of “there is no evidence of voting fraud”. So Flynn/Trump sets a trap for the media by announcing that Powell is “not on the team”. The result is that every shithole media outlet runs this story and salivates about the chaos and dysfunction in Camp Trump.

Now, the sleeping masses have been informed about who Sidney Powell is. They are curious and research her and receive additional exposure about Dominion, Scytl, The Hammer, Scorecard, and etc. The seed is planted and the public can thaw. The media brainwashing matrix sustains another crack. Powell continues her work as the B-52 and carpet bombs the crap out of everything in her way. When the bombs hit, more people have context and the extent of the lies are easier to accept.

Sidney Powell Legal Fund:

Worth Keeping an Eye On: George Webb's New YouTube Channel

Jonathan Turley: The Death Star Strategy – Is Trump Contemplating the Ultimate Constitutional Trick Shot?

WND: Trump should tell America: ‘Survival of republic at stake'

VIDEO: Election Fraud In Michigan Proven

GatewayPundit: Breaking: President Trump Scores Two Big Wins – One in Michigan and One in Pennsylvania

WND: Constitutional experts: Fraud could put election outcome in state legislators' hands

22 November 2020

Geller Report: LOOK Who Owns Dominion Voting Systems: Politically Motivated PRIVATE Equity NY Hedge Fund

ConservativeTreehouse: Republican Business Interests Separate From Sidney Powell…

Phi Beta Iota: At the end we see the bottom line: Sidney Powell is going after the RNC (Romney McDaniel) and the GOP traitors that thought they could milk President Trump and now find themselves to be joining DNC as a target.

Hal Turner: UPDATED 8:23 PM – K A B O O M! Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia Took Money From China (To Steal Election from Trump)

Phi Beta Iota: Common  theme across multiple articles to wit POTUS team held back to allow criminal Governors to self-indict with certifications of fraud that doubles their culpability.

Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Giuliani's Equal Protection Argument ‘Brilliant'

“The Chips Will Fall Where They May”: Sidney Powell Responds To Trump Distancing, Will Forge Ahead With Dominion Lawsuit

Is Chris Christie compromised? Watch this.  Could this be scripted drama? Christie is not stupid and he knows that the evidence is enroute to the courts.


Sidney Powell Legal Fund:

UPDATE: Weak signals that are positive, but I remain angy over how  this was done. Giuliani has no class at all and to have a child lawyer release that is for me offensive in the extreme.  Thebelow quotes tell me the President is not happy with how this was handled and even less happy with how we have all reacted with righteous anger over the piggish way this was done. Sidney has been suspended from Twitter for twelve hours.


Sidney Powell Legal Fund:


@cynthiamckinney Replying to @MikeJoh23783141 @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump The mature woman with excellent communication skills, legal skills, is said to be “on her own” at this time??? Chris Christie tells @POTUS his legal team is a joke, but surely that could be Rudy dripping-hair-dye-Giuliani, but certainly NOT @SidneyPowell1 @OSSRobertSteele


@OSSRobertSteele @LouDobbs @SaraCarterDC @dbongino @Scavino45 @JohnMappin @sachastone @FLOTUS @MELANIAJTRUMP


@JennaEllisEsq @SidneyPowell1 is ten times the lawyer you will ever be and @RudyGiuliani is both compromised and a clown oozing shit from his ears. Is @realDonaldTrump upset over her buying more time and credibility than anyone else could? @GenFlynn was SAVED by her. Not happy.


— Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) November 22, 2020


Chris Christie has told the President that he should concede and that the President's legal team is a joke.  While I agree that Rudy Giuliani is a joke (and totally compromised tool of the Zionists, and his girl Friday is a baby lawyer without a serious track record, this strikes me as either a brilliant head fake OR somebody has  Chris Christie by the balls and he has sold out.  POTUS must not concede. There are rumors of Alan “I didn't take off my underpants” Dershowitz joining the team.  While Dershowitz is a formidable lawyer, any  team that does not include Sidney Powell will be less likely to succeed.  Powell has bought the President TIME and CREDIBILITY at a most sacred moment. To abuse her in  this fashion is in my view grounds for firing Giuliani and Ellis, and foreclosing Christie from the second term.  I pray this is a head fake. St.

Trump Campaign: Sidney Powell Not a Member of the Trump Legal Team

Trump campaign cuts Sidney Powell from president’s legal team

DuckDuckGo Sidney Powell Not On Trump Legal Team

Sidney Powell Legal Fund:

22 November 2022

Favorite Graphic:

Favorite Videos

  • Pentagon changes cutting CIA out of the picture
  • Supreme Court Justices reassigned to directly oversee state courts
  • Biden suffers from dementia, not fully briefed as a security precaution
  • FL & TX going for Trump was trip wire that panicked Deep State to deep fraud
  • 60M Biden, 80M Trump, has seen screens from captured devices
  • Good guys not bad guys captured servers in Canada and Germany
  • Most of the evil-doers will leave politics, some will face courts martial
  • NESARA/GESARA unlikely before December or January — JP Morgan opening in UK is sign that Deep State still controls financial world

Back-Up Video: Indictments Are Here – The Beginning


Gateway Pundit: Crazed and Vicious Michigan AG Threatens to Criminally Charge GOP Lawmakers for Meeting with Trump on Stolen Election

American Thinker: Why is challenging suspicious election results ‘a threat to our democracy'?

BOOM: President Trump Responds to Never Trump Republican Liz Cheney for Her “Respect the Sanctity of Our Electoral Process” – With a Crushing Tweet

Sorry Liz, can’t accept the results of an election with hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes cast, enough to easily flip the Election. You’re just unhappy that I’m bringing the troops back home where they belong!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 22, 2020

ROBERT STEELE: I would remind everyone that PhD JD Edwin Vieira has said most compellingly that the only greater crime against the public other than stealing an election is to knowingly concede and allow the election to be stolen. President Trump will not concede, Joe Biden will never be President, at worst President Trump will be confirmed by an absolute majority of 26 votes in the House.  Here is the video link for Vieira: And a tip of the hat to YouTube for not censoring.

James Fetzer: FEC Chairman: Trump campaign bringing ‘legitimate accusations’ of election fraud to court

Charles Hugh Smith: One Chart That Predicts our Future [+ Graphic Above]

Zero Hedge: Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Trump Campaign Lawsuit, Setting Stage For Supreme Court Showdown

Email: Is this the KRAKEN?

[K]avanaugh > MI
[R]oberts > VA
[A]lito > PA
[K]avanaugh > MN
[E]lena > AZ
[N]eil > COx

21 November 2020

Seemorerocks: The link Between Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, and the CCP

“Georgia Is the First State I’m Going to Blow Up and Mr. Kemp and the Secretary of State Need to Go With It!” — Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken! (VIDEO)

Gateway Pundit: JUST IN: Obama-Appointed Judge Dismisses Trump Campaign Lawsuit Seeking to Block Pennsylvania From Certifying Election Results

Hal Turner Radio Show: ELECTION FRAUD! In Nevada, Computers Tallied 77,000 More “Votes” Than Actual Ballots!

Jordan Sekulow to Newsmax TV: Pending Georgia Lawsuit ‘Shocking'

State of the Nation: Sidney Powell Releases the Voter Fraud Kraken On Media to Their Faces (Video & Transcript)

WhatDoesItMean: Supreme Court Prepares For War After “You Will Find Out Soon” Warning Issued About National Emergency Election

ROBERT STEELE: Sorcha Fall / David Booth is a known fabricator with a gift for narrative and an utterly superb grasp of real headlines — always a gold mine. I value what he does greatly.  This is the single best narrative and single best collection of links I have seen him put together in the years I have been following this unusual but most valuable alternative media outlet.

Gateway Pundit: BOOM! Sidney Powell – President Trump Already Released the Kraken – Claims Obama Was Involved (VIDEO)

Gateway Pundit BREAKING Video: Young Internet Sleuth Reveals Evidence Showing Over 23K PA Ballots Were Filled Out and Returned Before They Were Ever Mailed To Voters (and MORE)

SeeMoreRocks: SCOTUS reassigns Trump-appointed justices to key election states

Jamess Fetzer: Dr. Eowyn, Trump legal team: Trump won in a landslide so massive, vote-counting was halted to ‘adjust’ rigged Dominion software

State of the Nation: THE PARTY IS OVER ! ! ! “Releasing the Kraken”
Spells the Demise of the Democrat Party and an End to the “Special Relationship' with the UK and Israel”

LouRockwell: Remembering The November 22, 1963 Deep State Coup d’état

SeeMoreRocks: Smartmatic and Dominion are hiding their direct ties?

This complements what I reported yesterday – The REALITY behind claims about Smartmatic and the Venezuelan connection.They are trying to scrub the internet of evidence but we must not let them

20 November 2020

Source with Text


NWOReport: Trump’s BRILLIANT Pre-Election Executive Order that Trapped Democrats

State of the Nation: It’s not Russia or China behind the election coup, it’s the Brits.

WND: Sidney Powell: Evidence of vote-fraud ‘conspiracy' to be published: Trump lawyer says documents will be posted online as soon as this weekend

RealClearPolitics:GOP Girds for ‘Election Fraud' Fights in Georgia Runoffs

Sidney Powell: “We’ve Got a Number of Smoking Guns, May Have to Get Witness Protection for Them — 7 Million Votes Stolen from Trump! (AUDIO)

Jim Stone: The Dominion fraud company has turned to vapor — Tucker Carlson sucks donkey dick

State of the Nation: Joe Biden Did NOT Receive 79,685,131 Votes. It’s IMPOSSIBLE! Here’s why  –  An Open Letter from a Walkaway

AmericanGreatness: Dominion Voting Systems ‘Lawyers Up,’ Abruptly Backs Out of PA State House Fact-Finding Hearing

Jon Rappoport: The Rudy, Sidney, and Jenna show: a blistering press conference for the ages

“He Was Insulting, Demanding and Rude and I Told Him to Never Contact Me Again” – Sidney Powell Goes off on Tucker Carlson (VIDEO)

Sidney Powell Says Trump Team Will Sue Officials “To Invalidate” Election Results… And An Inside Look Into Smartmatic

RELATED: John Peterson: An Explanation of What Happened to Fox News

Romney blasts ‘undemocratic’ Trump for pressuring Republicans to overturn election results

PBI: This may be a head fake, Romney could be wearing an ankle bracelet and has cut a deal to tease Deep State / DNC as Trump prepares to stab them in the heart.  Romney is very smart, not stupid, so we go with head fake.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump legal team’s batch of false vote claims

PBI: When Tucker Carlson rolls over and plays stupid, it deepens the impression that all of the media — including Fox News — is under the control of Satanists and pedophiles.  Learn more at, we are about to publish Book 3 in print, everything is free online in full text with tag cloud and translatable to boot.   Murdoch appears five times in the pedo tag cloud … so far which means give separate chapters, many times more within  those chapters.  More to come.

19 November 2020

Favorite graphic today:WARNING NOTICE: We fell prey to a genius modification of the Dominion logo that added the blue “hidden” aspect — the modified logo accurately represents what Dominion was designed to do so we are sticking with the video

Epoch Times: Exclusive: Rep. Mo Brooks—Will the US House of Representatives Decide the Next President?

Under Article I, Article II, Amendment XII of the United States Constitution, coupled with federal statutes that govern this issue, the United States Congress has the absolute right to reject the submitted electoral college votes of any state which we believe has such a shoddy election system that you can’t trust the election results that those states are submitting to us, that they’re suspect.

TinyURL for the above article:

PBI: Bottom line: 1 vote per state, House is 27 Republican, 20 Democratic, others tied.  An absolute majority of 26 not a super-majority, is decisive.

Paul Craig Roberts: Giuliana’s Legal Team Presents Overview of Election Fraud Evidence

Trump’s top lawyer Giuliani explains Dem’s ‘big mistake’ that exposed rigged vote-counting machines

Stream: I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth

OAN: Lin Wood: President Trump won 400 electoral votes

IT BEGINS: Orange County, Sacramento and El Dorado County Sheriffs Will Not Enforce Gavin Newsom’s Curfew Order

PDF (64 Pages): Trump Campaign Plus vs Pennsylvania Court Filing

Trump team declares president has path to victory

“Giuliani said that in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona “we more than double the number of votes needed to overturn the election, in terms of provable illegal ballots.””

Zero Hedge Summary: Trump Campaign Legal Team Exposes “Massive, Well-Funded Effort” To Destroy American Democracy

Phi Beta Iota: Rudy Giuliani does well. Sidney Powell begins at 37:00.  Zero Hedge summary ends on a snarky note, 26 failures 1 success in legal challenges, not understanding that all the judges are being bribed and blackmailed and the “failures” will not only go to the Supreme Court, but also trigger  NSA-level investigations of each judge to document the influencers of the judges. Not addressed are all the pleas being made across the country for immunity  in return for full disclosure.  Philadelphia is the starting point for that, BOTH mob bosses AND police chiefs are seeking immunity there.

EXCLUSIVE: How a Philly mob boss stole the election — and why he may flip on Joe Biden

VIDEO: Mob Boss flipped on Biden?; 1643 Trump Floyd County votes “forgotten” | Front Page

Why Are These People Smiling? Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Posts Late Night Photo with Rudy Giuliani and Gen. Flynn

DEVELOPING: Trump Team Lawyers to Hold Presser Today at Noon on “Clear and Viable Path to Victory”

Strategic Culture (a Russian-sponsored but high-quality journal): Lord Malloch Brown Revealed: The British Hand Behind the Coup Shows Its Scales Again 

Zero Hedge: In Shocking Reversal, Wayne County Election Board Republicans Rescind Certifications; Claim Family Threatened

18 November 2020

State of the Nation: VOTEFLIPgate: Why does Dominion’s own logo show a RED vote flipping to a BLUE vote?

WND CANCEL CULTURE: The final stage of neo-Marxism's long-term goal is here

Trump campaign wants recount in 2 Wisconsin counties won overwhelmingly by Biden

Georgia Recount Monitor Catches 9,626-Vote Error During Hand Recount

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Trump Claims Over Invalid Ballots

“I Think We’ll Find He Had At Least 80 Million Votes!” Sidney Powell on The Magnitude of President Trump’s 2020 Win

Simon Parkes: California likely to swing to Trump; senior member of Trump legal team suggests Biden is a murderer — six scenarios all leading to Trump back in  the White House.

17 November 2020


“They’re Certifying…Their Own Fraud and Their Own Complicity in Fraud” – Sidney Powell to States Who Want to Certify Their Results

Sorcha Faal Known Fabricator Gifted in Narrative with Priceless Links: CIA Director Suspected Wounded After US Military Raid On Secret German Election Base

Berto Jongman: interesting piece by Sorcha faal on the November 6 raid in Frankfurt, with a number of interesting sources. Claim that the American dead from helicopter crash in Egypt, actually were killed in Frankfurt. From the analysis of the computers: Trump won landslide: 410.  Robert Steele: Highly doubtful Haspel was present or wounded but she — and Brennan — could be dying in their sleep soon.

Is Trump lawyer Sidney Powell our own Joan of Arc?

BOOM! Lin Wood on Mark Levin Show: Trump Won a 70% Plus Landslide Election – He Probably Had 400 Electoral Votes (Audio)

The “Dominion” of Election Fraud? …Exposing the Dominion Voting Machines.

“DNA-LEVEL” STATISTICAL PROOF: “Smartmatic” Vote-Counting System Was Manipulated in PA and GA to Overturn Trump's Victory

Attorney Lin Wood: Team has ‘smoking guns' to prove Trump won: ‘105% confident' that Biden will never be president

CNN: The 2020 election just keeps getting worse for House Democrats

FEC Chair: If Sidney Powell Says There Was Rampant Voter Fraud, “I Believe Her”

California Men Charged With Voter Fraud After Allegedly Submitting Thousands Of Applications For Homeless People

Attorney Sidney Powell: “The Kraken Was Released Several Days Ago – We Are Starting to See the Signs”

Known fabricator Sorcha Faal with useful links: CIA Director Suspected Wounded After US Military Raid On Secret German Election Base

Lou Dobbs: FBI investigating 2020 presidential election results: ‘Highly reliable source' says bureau probing ‘astonishing acts of misconduct'

ELECTION 2020: Who Is Truly Behind the Scytl Voter Fraud Scandal?

16 November 2020

StillnessintheStorm: Sydney Powell Releases 4 Explosive Documents, in Response to Tom Fitton

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: “We're Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results In Multiple States”

Ed Jewett: US Military Raided CIA Server Farm in Germany

Trump Lawyer Tweets Article Alleging Philly Mob Boss May Reveal How They Stole The Election In Exchange For Full Expungement Of His Criminal Record

ROBERT STEELE: I just appeared with Dr. Cynthia McKinney on SGT Report and stated my view that deals like this being made all over the country.

Alert Reader: Sidney tweeted last night that the President ordered release of “The Kraken.” That means he's fighting all the way. That's all I needed to know. The rest of this fiasco can be put sqaurely on Jared Kushner's plate. And, one day, he's going to get to eat his own “preparation.”

Dominion Part of Council That Disputed Election Integrity Concerns in DHS Statement –Dominion Voting Systems used statement, which obscured company's council membership, to dispute concerns over voting systems | 16 Nov 2020 | After allegations emerged that called into questioned the integrity of voting machines produced by Dominion Voting Systems, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) — part of the Department of Homeland Security — issued a statement on Nov. 12 disputing the allegations, saying “the November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.” What the agency failed to disclose, however, is that Dominion Voting Systems is a member of CISA's Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council, one of two entities that authored the statement put out by CISA. In addition, Smartmatic, a separate voting machine company that has been the subject of additional concerns, is also a member.

Phi Beta Iota: It was indeed the most secure election in modern history, just not the way they thought. The people fired from CISA were not part of the sting, which included letting Dominion and Smartmatic think they had an inside track  within CISA.

Three more New York sheriffs say they won’t enforce Cuomo’s Thanksgiving limit

VIDEO (43:28 X22 Trap Was Set In 2018, The Evidence Will Blow The Minds Of Every Person In This Country

Dominion Voting Systems Patents Given In 2019 To China Bank For Collateral by Paul Collin

Trump Confirms: Election Will Be Overturned

Does election justice now lie with GOP state legislators?

Orders to execute military operations have been written and are sitting on the President’s desk. He is aware that it is waiting for him and his decision to sign will be at his own pleasure.

SIDNEY POWELL Drops a BOMB on Mark Levin Show: We Have Witness Who Was at Creation of Smartmatic System – Used to Change Election Results (VIDEO)

ROBERT STEELE: Multiple House seats expected to flip, giving Republicans control of the House that will be further  solidified when over 100 Members resign in a deal to avoid jail or declassification of voice calls and emails that will end them.

Mongoose: Detroit Attorney on Electoral Fraud As Observed

15  November 2020

Above, Leigh Dundas, human rights attorney, closing at 9:23, cites the first sentences of Trump’s EO on international interference and “the distribution of propaganda and disinformation” therein. Then Dundas quotes Lin Wood from his Howie Carr interview,

Let me give you some really, really, really good news. All of these corrupt people in the media that have served for money as the propaganda too, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, New York Times, Atlantic Mother Jones, you named the list. They going to be destroyed too, because they will have no credibility at all. The days of watching the mainstream media are over because they’re going to be revealed as liars and they fell for it, but they didn’t really fall for it, they were part of it. They’re all going down Howie, we're going to have a new day in America.”

“I Concede Nothing”: Trump Blasts “Fake News Media” For Saying He Conceded To Biden

BurningPlatform: ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT [Best Overview of the Crimes]

Website — crowd-sources evidence of election fraud

OAN: Rudy Giuliani: President Trump will not concede election

OAN: President Trump: Many voter fraud cases filed by citizens, not campaign

OAN: Trump supporters hold ‘Stop the Steal’ rallies nationwide

Marshall Masters: We Are Going to Be OK

BREAKING: Michigan House Member Files to Impeach Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Dave Hodges researched this and here is his finding. President Trump can delay conceding until January 20, 2021. Then it goes to the House and each state gets its own single vote. This decides who is President. Perhaps Pelosi knows and is rushing things because she is afraid of this. This has happened before twice, once in 1820 and again in 1824. Skip over ad at first and go to 4 minutes and 15 seconds into video below.

Trump’s Bulldog Attorney Lin Wood: “Soon people will be going to prison. Lots of people”

Martin Armstrong: Trudeau Announced Plan for 1% Imposition of Communism

PBI: POTUS needs to do more in assuring the public that he will not concede and is certain to be confirmed by due process. He should also gather 30 top guns to educate the public on the fake pandemic, and then forbid all masks across the entire interstatate commerce ecology. A ceremonial burning of masks at the White House, along with firing Fauci and others, would be good.

Sidney Powell Drops a BOMB on Sunday Morning Futures: CIA May have Used Dominion for Its Own Benefit – Gina Haspel Should be Fired Immediately! (Video)

Sidney Powell: Smartmatic Voting Machine’s Chairman of the Board Peter Neffenger Named to Joe Biden’s ‘Transition Team’

Sidney Powell drops bomb: ‘I've got lots of ways to prove massive election fraud'

Sidney Powell: Smartmatic Voting Machine’s Chairman of the Board Peter Neffenger Named to Joe Biden’s ‘Transition Team’

“We’re Fixin’ to Overturn the Results of the Election in Multiple States!” – Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken

VIDEO: Scott Lively Says Justice Coming Like a Thunderbolt

TRUMP WON – FRAUD PROVEN: Analysis of Voting Data Shows Exactly What Happened

Reference Web Site: Red Pill University G. Edward Griffin

PBI: Robert Steele nailed the fake pandemic as a 5G radiation sickness deal in February — President Trump can ELIMINATE radiation sickness by neutralizing 5G.  No vaccine (which will be toxic and contain DigitalID and 5G enablers). Since then we know that the tests are also fake, and could be used to take DNA samples to be used later for Satanic purposes — depopulation.

14 November 2020

VIDEO EXTRACT German Subtitles: Release the Kraken (2:12)

Breaking! US Army & German Forces Seize US Election Servers in Germany! CIA Cut Out! Esper Out! Green Beret Chris Miller Horse Soldier Hero In! -Jeffrey Prather Must Video | Military | Before It's News

You want to see what MAGA looks like!

The Tide Has Turned

VIDEO: Amazing Polly Deep State agents doing the auditing

2020 Election Most Corrupt in American History – Martin Armstrong

BOMBSHELL: The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared “National Emergency”

Larry Johnson, What Is Bill Barr Going to Do?

Judge: Newsom overstepped authority with mail-in ballots mandate

Report: Anti-Trump Dominion Voting Systems Security Chief Was Participating in Antifa Calls, Posted Antifa Manifesto Letter to Trump Online

VIDEO (1:02)04): “A Top Down Revolution” Curtis Bowers: How the DNC is leading a Communist Revolution through the Media, Democratic Politicians, The Radical Marxist Groups, Big Business, Big Tech, The DOJ and the Educational Institutions.  If the Election Fraud is allowed to stand it is GAME-Over!

13 November 2020

FEATURED: Joseph A. Camp on  Twitter

The great purge: why remove these several documents -instruction manuals, and policies (thus no copyright owned pursuant to US Copyright) from your website? Sure hope no one saved everything for others to review.

All deleted documents here:

Dominion Voting Systems Patents Given In 2019 To China Bank For Collateral by Paul Collin

Mike Flynn: President Trump on Track to Crush Biden

VIDEO (4:07): Christina Bobb: Trump won. And the media lost its mind.

Trump confidant tells LifeSite: the president has all the proof needed to show massive fraud, vote switching

IT’S HAPPENING! Sidney Powell Calls to “Release the Kraken!” — MUST SEE VIDEO

TWEET VIDEO Lou Dobbs and Sidney Powell (6:58)

VIDEO: The US Military Has Raided And Seized Servers In Germany Tied To The Dominion Election System [Rep. Louie Gohmert]

Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize their Servers in Germany? — Our Intel Source Says YES, IT HAPPENED!

Million MAGA March to kick off in Washington D.C. on Saturday

Pentagon senior adviser accused Pompeo and senior politicians of taking money and getting rich from ‘the Israeli lobby'

PBI: Zionists last. Combined with expulsion of Kushner from the White House, all signs point to POTUS triumph and peace in the Middle East. Dr. Col Macgregor is as good as it gets for truth-telling and strategic wisdom. America First means not Israel First.  As RDS has said, “Make the deal, mother-fuckers, or die.”

President Trump taps Rudy Giuliani to take over election legal fight: Sources

Mongoose: Extra Info Off the Boards — Most Secure Election Yes Because We Caught Them Everywhere — “Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming”

Ben Garrison: The Blue Mirage — STAY THE COURSE, Mr. President

Robert Steele & Ed Jewett: Trump Will Not Concede, SOF Has Captured All Servers in Germany with Fraud Evidence, We Are a GO for Righteous Triumph!

Democratic senators warned of potential ‘vote switching' by Dominion voting machines prior to 2020 election

DHS Cyber Director Chris Krebs and Deputy Director Matt Travis Tied to Clapper Who Commandeered HAMMER/SCORECARD

Here's the key to an ultimate Trump victory

The Corruption in the Election – Are We About to Cross the Rubicon

#Breaking #BreakingNews
People on the ground in #Germany report that #Scytl, hosting YOUR elections data Improperly through #Spain, was raided by a large #USARMY force & their Servers were Seized in Frankfurt. Scytl Bankrupt

EXCLUSIVE: Can Ivanka and Jared retake New York? Powerhouse couple are gearing up to move back to their $4m Park Avenue pad and reclaim their socialite status – but insiders say they're in for a rude awakening

PBI: Jarvanka have been fired. POTUS is cleaning house. Christie could be new Chief of Staff.

FEC Chairman Says He Believes ‘There Is Voter Fraud' In Key States

Marshall Masters: A Free and Fair America for All

Patrick J. McShay, OPERATION DISCLOSURE: The Big Steal: Vote Fraud in 2020 [Details on Specifics of Dominion Electronic Vote Manipulation]

#UNRIG Video (5:25) #UNRIG Trump Election 2020 SOF Captures Servers, POTUS Spanks Internet

Video: Are Phone Networks Now Censoring Links About Election Fraud?

DIVIDED STATES: The post-election reckoning: 7 steps to restore the republic

Michigan Judge Denies Trump Bid To Block Certification, Election Audit

PBI: The Michigan judge could be a Deep State person bribed or blackmailed (perhaps with pedophilia blackmail). We are confident POTUS will prevail.

12 November 2020

Ron Paul: Trump (Finally) Hires Neocon Slayer – Col USA (Ret) Doug Macgregor Moves to Pentagon

Dominion Voting Systems, at Center of Election Fraud Claims, Tied to World Economic Forum and Soros

Dishonest scales are an abomination to the LORD, But a just weight is His delight. Proverbs 11:1

Robert Steele: Media (Main and Social) Culpable for Lies, Fraud, & Sedition — Insurrection Act Immediately and Deeply Exposes AP, NYT, Other Media to Arrest and Conviction

#UNRIG Video (0:50) Dr. (PhD) Cynthia McKinney in 50 Seconds — Trump Won Big; Expose It All, STAY THE COURSE

#UNRIG Video (5:37) Robert David Steele Election 2020 Update Media Indictable for Sedition Douglas Macgregor Cynthia McKinney Website Update

#UNRIG Video (12:40) Robert David Steele on Fixing Intelligence – 12:40 Extracts from Movie A Thousand Pieces


Trump campaign scores victory in Pennsylvania case

B|iden, O|bama, C|linton, P|elosi Tied to Voter Fraud, Child Traffic|king?

Robert Bridge: How The Democrats Weaponized A Pandemic To Beat Donald Trump

Florida “Anti-Mob” Bill Gives Civilians Immunity If They Shoot Looters Or Run Over Protesters

Michigan State Senators Request Full Election Audit Citing Voting Irregularities

VIDEO: Voters in Georgia feel they've been wronged | Doug Collins

Ann Delap: Extraterrestrial View of US Election 2020 (Video)

Tweet on Dominion Vote Fraud Owners & Red Shoes (Pedophilia and Murderous Pedophilia Implications)

Maricopa County AZ GOP Chair Resigns After Failing To Certify Dominion Voting Machines

PBI: It is our view that this makes it certain that all Dominion-related votes will have to be hand-counted, and possible the entire election will be done again with ONLY hand-counted ballots, unless Biden concedes to avoid jail.


VIDEO (Rumble Displacing YouTube?) This Election Crisis Is a Symbol Of Something Much, Much Bigger

11 November 2020


VIDEO: Trump movement more powerful than DEEP STATE expected

Lin Wood: Biden will be an inmate.

Federal Election Commission Chairman Drops Bombshell: ‘This Election Is Illegitimate’

Sidney Powell: “There is tons of evidence that Hundreds of Thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded” (Video)

BREAKING: #TrumanBlack Has Created A Computer Script That Combs Thru All The Election Data & Identifies Votes That: “SWITCHED” FROM #BIDEN TO #TRUMP & Votes “LOST” That Disappeared! Data Shows ALL SWITCHED Votes WERE TAKEN FROM TRUMP & GIVEN TO BIDEN!

BOMBSHELL: Anon Crunches Voter Data, Discovers Election Software ‘Dominion’ Producing Massive Fraud…

#UNRIG Video (8:13) Robert David Steele Public Intelligence Election 2020 Media Sedition Hammer Scorecard International

Giuliani: Suits filed, President Trump to win Mich. and Pa.

Trump Files Emergency Injunction In Michigan Alleging Fraud; Demands Recounts Over ‘Malfunctioning' Dominion Machines

Voting Software Company WHISTLEBLOWERS Come Forward; Claim Their Software Changed 38 MILLION Votes – Stole Election

Data deep dive on Dominion Voting Systems offers incontrovertible proof of election hack


Wisconsin Poll Workers Allegedly Altered Thousands Of Invalid Ballots: Report

Anna Von Reitz: Scorecard and the End of Nancy Pelosi — and Joe Biden

Watch: Are Phone Networks Now Censoring Links About Election Fraud?

Top US Pollster and Statistician Richard Baris — People’s Pundit — SUSPENDED from Twitter for Reporting on Disputed Election — Political ‘WrongThink’ Not Allowed

Puerto Rico finds 126 briefcases with uncounted ballots 1 week after election

“I Did Not Recant”: USPS Whistleblower Stands By Backdated Ballot Claim

10 November 2020

VIDEO (6:03) No Evidence Of Voter FRAUD? Kayleigh McEnany Drops BOMBS Showing With 234 Pages Of Signed Affidavits

PODCAST Dan Bongino: Post Election Day Special with Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis (Ep 1393)


Trump will win the House – Thank California for it — several weeks away

Mainstream Media Guilty of Treason, Usurped Constitutional Powers of the Electoral College, Violated the Sedition Act

Dr. Shiva MIT PhD reveals the way HAMMER and SCORECARD actually use a special Algorithm. He plots these in a database and compares them to actual NON-FRADULENT elections. Statistically when people vote there are trends and scattering effects. In this video he specifically looks at the CURRENT 4 Counties in Michigan that had the so called “GLITCH.” He concludes that Trump-Biden Election is a shame. Watch for yourself. Once this goes to court it's all over for the DEEP STATE.

The Deep State Vs The Deep Country

No time for phony healing – we do not concede!

Ex-CIA Chief Under Obama Urges Palace Coup Against Trump So He Doesn't “Declassify Everything”

Martin Armstrong suggest new election right away

Video, Bio, Transcript of Edwin Vieira PhD JD on Election 2020 Fraud and What Giuliani Is NOT Doing (Criminal Conspiracy Instead of Civil Actions)

Deeply Blue New England Disrupted by Republican Wins in Down-Ballot Races

Giuliani presents evidence for Trump's legal battle

PBI: We will know by thanksgiving.  Unlike other false flag crimes, stealing the election has millions, not dozens, of whistleblowers. An avalanche of crime is about to be revealed and the organization behind the media machine is going to go down too.

Ten Attorneys General Join Supreme Court Case Against Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Deadline

Edwin Vieira: There is no question he thinks there is massive fraud.  Cites legal code. Discusses the coup strategy. He says Trump has been advised by “feckless idiots”. He is suggesting that Trump is not in control of a necessary and immediate strategy to legally prosecute ….

Consortium News: Georgia On Our Minds — When Will the Globalists Get Out of the Way and Stop Blocking President Donald Trump from Engaging Dr. Cynthia McKinney?

PBI: The EO and the trackable watermarks make the audit possible and the outcome certain.  Pennsylvania will vote for President Trump.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “There Will be a Smooth Transition to the Second Trump Administration” (VIDEO)

The Blue Wave that Never Came

More Than 10,000 Dead People Cast Ballots in Michigan, Analysis Shows

Robert Steele: Insurrection Act on Strip Alert?

Escobar: First Comes A Rolling Civil War

Video: Breaking – Biden Loses Pennsylvania

Video: Charlie Ward's Update on the Election

AG William Barr Authorizes Justice Department Probe Into Voter Fraud

Trump Campaign Files First Election Fraud Lawsuit; Ohio AG Asks Supreme Court To Overturn PA Ballot Ruling

9 November 2020

VIDEO: Why I'm certain Trump will win a 2nd term

American Thinker: It's possible that 2020's election fraud is way bigger than we thought

The Four Year Plan To Overthrow An Elected President

Includes CIA deliberately getting Brennan loyalists elected  to Congress.

VIDEO (49:12) Biggest Electoral Fraud in History?

VIDEO: Bannon & Gorka on Paths to Legitimized Re-Election

Army officer comments via email:

As much as I would like to see something done to the law breaking perpetrators of this fraudulent election, I really do not believe anything will be accomplished to ensure people go to jail. Absolutely nothing has been done over the past 4-years to incarcerate the bad apples and it is too late to expect anything will happen. Action is always louder than words or hope! The only thing a thug respects is another thug that has more power and literally physically beats them down. As such, until Conservatives stand up with physical action, everything we see happening will continue to be the norm. Imagine if Nancy Pelosi had her house burnt to the ground, AOC was robbed at gun point in NYC and roughed up, Shumer's extended family identified and their residences destroyed, the current call by left wing Minneapolis politician begging for LEA help being denied after what they did to the police, Hunter Biben being stabbed by an ice pick at a bar or whore house he regularly goes to, etc, etc, etc. We are in a political insurgency by the Right and have to fight back accordingly… that will be the only thing the left will respect as our Conservative political stand idle watching our country collapse and burn. At the end of the day, I do not believe Conservatives are up to the fight.

VIDEO: Shane Vaughn Teaches – “What Happens If President Trump Does Not Concede The Election”

Best And Most Succinct Explanation Of The Coup I’ve Seen–What Was Planned and What Went Wrong

American Coup: This was not just voter fraud out of Philly. It’s a coup by the oligarchy.

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Michigan AG Dana Nessel Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training — OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION

CORRUPTION NATION: Mathematical evidence the election was stolen

Pa. lawmakers back Trump’s refusal to concede, seek lawyers’ help to challenge results

Guess who owns the digital ‘Switch-the-Trump-votes-to-Biden” voting machines?

PBI: Mark Malloch Brown is headed for jail or death. The President's Executive Order was not focused on China or Russia, it was focused on Israel and the UK.

Donald Trump Jr: “Declassify Everything”…

BREAKING: Top DOJ Official Overseeing Voter Fraud Quits After AG Barr Authorizes Federal Prosecutors to Pursue “Substantial Allegations” of Voting Irregularities Before 2020 Election is Certified

PBI: Richard Pilger has worked w Lois Lerner of the IRS to screw over the Tea Party years ago. He appears to be totally compromised, good riddance.

Why SCOTUS will vindicate Trump's victory

BREAKING: Real Clear Politics Pulls Pennsylvania Call for Biden — WITHDRAWS ELECTORAL VOTES!

Former NYC Mayor and current attorney to President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani details what he claims to be ‘voter fraud' in Philadelphia, and what he and the Trump legal team are prepared to do to legally fight the PA ballot numbers. – with Newsmax TV's Emma Rechenberg

Simon Parkes hits it out of the park.   This is solid.

01 Blockchain tracking absolutely  true. Special Signals Units were operating in each of the key states tracking all the ballots.
02 National Guard in 16 states federalized
03 Two US Generals overseeing counterintelligence probes in 16 states.
04 Recounts will be overseen by armed  guards (probably US Marshalls).
05 Pennsylvania will go to Trump.
06 Other states might yield 30-60 delivery drivers that will  testify for Guliani.
07 Thousands if not tens of thousands of dead people voting are killing them.
08 Deep State may be counting on manipulating the Supreme Court (e.g. Roberts who has long been suspected of being totally compromised).
09 First Lady totally on side, media is lying about her suggesting concession.
10 This is a public education campaign using Supreme Court as schoolhouse; this will destroy the “Satanic forces” including the media.
11 Trump and his team are certain he has 290 Electoral College votes.
12 November 26th (Thanksgiving) will be pivotal day toward closure.
13 9/11 started the movement toward draining the swamp.
14 Exact number of legal votes known across all contested stated. Court will hear HAMMER & SCORECARD and also demanding full audits.
15 Joe Biden does not have a clue.  He may really believe he won. Harris is probably well aware of all the skullduggery and was expecting to be President.

Victor Davis Hansen's bottom line: Democrats miscalculated.  Did not anticipate the Trump landslide, this forced them to take desperate measures in the middle of the night.   The anomalies are clear. Five lawsuits — COVID used to manipulate the electoral rules across multiple states.  Pollsters are vote suppressionists, total misinformation, we now have five Floridas. Base is angry, thinks USA has become a Third World country.

Biden kicks off presidential transition by begging Americans to wear masks

ROBERT STEELE: no one is this stupid, not even Joe Biden. This is a Wrestlemania drama and Biden is the designated heel reading his lines. Presidential-elect pretension appears designed to diminish Biden —  he lost, we can prove the fraud, people will go to jail — and then we do election reform so that in 2022 all Independents, small parties, and yes — the Sanderistas — are proportionally and honestly represented. The allocation of 100 or more special election and appointed Members of Congress in the Spring will start  that process. Trump will have mercy on those who go quietly out of the way.

Alert Reader writes in:

FAKE LEGACY MEDIA should have paid attention to understand what President Trump really meant by saying he would consider himself the winner in this election if “legal votes” are counted—and if paying attention, would have seen them discovering that the term “legal vote” doesn’t mean what they think it does—as on 22 August 2018, its true meaning was redefined by then Director of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who ordered election officials in all 50 states to ensure that ballots used during the 2020 presidential election be able to be audited—an election order followed on 12 September 2018, which was when President Trump signed into law for the 2020 presidential election   BOOM!

GSA Responds to Biden Campaign: ‘Ascertainment Has Not yet Been Made’ on Power Transfer

#UNRIG Video (1:17) Robert David Steele Out of YouTube Jail, Calls Election for Trump, Cynthia McKinney Concurs

Wayne Jett: Transcript of Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Watermarks and Massive Election Fraud Discovery

8 November 2020

Let’s be very clear about the 2020 election outcome: FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING.

Trump Win Validated by Quantum Blockchain System Recount of Votes

Making the vote irrelevant makes secession relevant.

HUGE BREAKING NEWS IN GEORGIA – 132,000 Ballots in Fulton County, Georgia Have Been Identified Which Are Likely Ineligible

American Thinker: Wait Just a Minute! Some Very Good News May Be Coming

Don’t Jump Off That Ledge. This Is Just a Blue Smokescreen

PROPOSED: That POTUS Break Bread with Cynthia McKinney “Mr. President You Won Big and You Won Black!”

Supreme Court Decision: Fraud Vitiates Everything

The Fight for The Soul of Our Republic Has Begun

Thanks to the Democrats and the media, America’s democratic order is in crisis.

Blatantly Obvious Voter Fraud, Q, and the Alinsky Method

Giuliani: Trump campaign has the evidence to change Pennsylvania election results

‘Don't be fooled. This is not over'

Biden is so fucked.  Words and image from Sacha Stone:

That moment when you realize the cult-programmed ‘liberal' proletariat actually bought the fact that all you did in 46 years of placeholding for illuminist banksters was accumulate tens of millions of dollars, usher in cultural Marxism and engineer the catastrophic failure of middle-America…(while sniffing a lot of kids!).
Or is it in fact that moment you realize your generational sedition and racketeering jig is up… and the fiery glow highlighting your pallid face is the reflection of an orange jump suit being sized up for a trip to Cuba.
Someone pass the popcorn please I'm not leaving my seat! 💥
Arise Homo sapiens! ❤ #HuntersLaptop #Trump2020 #patience #ObamaGate

Developing: Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems

Donald Trump calls election ‘stolen' before heading for the golf course AGAIN – as Don Jr. and Eric call for a ‘manual recount' amid signs of family split after Jared tells his father-in-law it's time to quit


7 November 2020

VIDEO: Dems Committed Election Treason – Alex Newman

“This Felt Like a Drug Deal!” – Asian-American Ballot Observer in Detroit Describes Mysterious Van Dropping Off 61 Boxes of Ballots at 4 AM (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Former Michigan state senator exposes voting scandals in Detroit

‘World knows Trump won #MAGA’ banner flown over Goodison Park ahead of Everton v Manchester match


Burning Platform: I AM DONE: I'll Not Vote Again” – One Middle-American Mom Rages At ‘Real-Life Idiocracy'

Martin Armstrong: The Watermark & Hammer

Special Source:

They’re trying to convince half of the country that Biden won with hope, of course, that Trump will fold . . . and setting things up so that when Trump wins, they have millions of very disappointed citizens who have been convinced that Trump “stole” the election through the SCOTUS  and are willing to hit the streets.

Romney congratulates Biden after victory

Live Vote Count Subtracted From GOP Candidate, 3335b

Ask yourself the crucial question: why?

Let’s Take Stock of Where We Are

Text of statement from President Donald Trump

Trump Says “Election Far From Over”; Biden “Honored & Humbled” After MSM Declares Him President-Elect

There is Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen

Airtight Statistical Analysis Proves Team Biden Is Stealing the Election

In 30 States, A Computer System Known To Be Defective Is Tallying Votes

Charlie Ward: Blockchain Used, Trump Won Landslide, Arrests Looming

Martin Armstrong: Video (6:44) CIA Ability to Hack the Vote (Brennan McInerney Validated by Armstrong)

Cynthia McKinney: USPS Patent for Blockchain Voting Integrity

Video Lou Dobbs with Sidney Powell & Tom Fitton (8:36) Plus Supporting Article on #Hammer & #Scorecard Plus Pablo Escobar and DHS Trap

Video & Briefing (58:36) on Election Fraud with Russell Ramsland Plus Article on Corrupted Software, Chinese Parts

James Fetzer: If Biden Body Double Did the Debates, Is This Fraud Nullifying His Candidacy?

6 November 2020

Life Under Biden: Three Camps (Biden Crooks, Harris Crooks, Sanders Crooks)

Twitter Thread Bill Binney on Software Being Used to Steal Election

Full List of Biden Voter Fraud Proof

Judaism is Template for COVID Communism

Market Friday: Civil War It is Then

Video: Sidney Powell Tom Fitton Lou Dobbs CIA Hammer Scorecard Election Fraud

Video: Supreme Court Massive Fraud

Donald J. Trump: Surrender, Assholes — I Have It All!

BREAKING: Trump Wins with 281 Electoral Ballots – UPDATES

State of the Nation: Trump Has Election Fraud Evidence

James Fetzer: Israel First Will Be Death of Corrupt US Congress

Charles Hugh Smith: Beyond Elections — What We Don’t Elect Matters Most: Central Banking and the Permanent Government

5 November 2020

The 2020 election: fuckery is afoot

ORIGNAL POST (4 November 2020)

Trump Says He Won in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia

If Trump secures the four states, he would win reelection with 281 Electoral College votes. Trump’s campaign earlier in the day also expressed optimism over his chances in Arizona.

Read full article.

ROBERT STEELE: The most telling factor is the massive and obvious difference between Republican vote percentages down-ballot, versus the Presidential election. This makes it quite clear that the bulk of the electoral fraud has been focused on the presidential election. The alleged numbers for Biden are so clearly divorced from reality that proving fraud will be a relatively simple matter.  I am quite certain Trump won Arizona and Wisconsin and they will revert to him once all the fraud investigations are completed.

I have also been  told that the President was reluctant to consider massive #UNRIG Election Reform Act until after re-election so there could be no possible claim that he was doing it to assure his own re-election. We may be on the verge of a very happy outcome at multiple levels.

Fox News needs to be purged — the irresponsible manner in which they have joined with CNN to declare Biden “elected” demands a house cleaning.  Biden has not and will not be elected — the fraud is provable, the Supreme Court will hold the states accountable and the Republican majorities in all those state legislatures will ensure the Electoral College works as it should.

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The GOP won some 22 of 25 contested house seats. But that would have been impossible if the DEMS had actually received the vast number of votes reported. This means they added millions and millions of ballots that only voted for Biden and did not bother with the down races, So in reality, TRUMP WON BY A LANDSLIDE.

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3 November 2020

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1 November 2020

VIDEO: Rumble – Massive rally for President Donald Trump in Nigeria, organized by a church. This is shocking and historical, because, I have never seen anything like this.

17 October 2020

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3 June 2017

Peter Janney’s talk — entitled “JFK & Mary Meyer: Relationship as Redemption” — at “The National Security State and JFK,” a conference held on Saturday, June 3, 2017 June 3, 2017, at the Dulles Airport Marriott in Northern Virginia and sponsored by The Future of Freedom Foundation.
Peter Janney has been a practicing psychologist, educator, and consultant for over 35 years. He is the author of  Mary’s Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace (3rd edition, 2016), which details his many years of investigation into Washington’s most famous unsolved murder of Mary Meyer. The book was the general non-fiction winner of the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival and received honorable mentions in the 2012 N.E. Book Festival and the 2012 London Book Festival. Hollywood producer and director Oliver Stone, who directed the movie JFK, called the book “a fascinating story” and said that “Peter Janney’s unsparing analysis moves us closer to a reckoning.” A graduate of Princeton, where he studied American history under Martin Duberman, Janney earned a doctoral degree in psychology at Boston University in 1981.   [screen shot of quote at 11:52]

31 March 2016

Bloomberg Businessweek:How to Hack an Election – Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade. He tells his story for the first time.

Phi Beta Iota: Rendon is a very unethical company that — like Dyncorp and other bottom feeders in the military-industrial complex — will gladly commit crimes against humanity for profit.  They were state of the art until HAMMER and SCORECARD came along.  A major reason they succeeded was because NSA is not processing 100% of what it collects; is not providing tactical SIGINT in support of clandestine HUMINT; and CIA at the top is a Deep State outfit, not in service to the public.

7 January 2015

2015: Revolution in America – Stop Paying Taxes and Stop Paying Mortgages & Other Debts

PBI: The above concept works if the Constitutional Sheriffs stand firm on blocking all attempts by banks and bribed or blackmailed federal and state authorities from reposession at the county level. See

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