Justin Walker Interviewed by Jason Liosatos of Outside the Box

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics

My talk with Justin Walker, Campaign Director of The British Constitution Group, about the money system, the Bradbury Pound, and the urgency that we organize a peaceful and effective way to prevent rogue elements in Parliament and the higher echelons of the global casino from doing any more damage, and that we all take responsibility to help return our system to one of security, peace, prosperity and to end suffering and struggle for everyone.

Tom Atlee: Anarchy + Wholeness = Panarchy

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government
Tom Atlee

Where anarchy meets wholeness – a new vision of “panarchy”

Whereas anarchy refers to no one in charge, panarchy can refer to everyone and everything in charge – a kind of self-organized order that arises out of the whole taking care of the whole. There are a number of ways that can happen. Exploring them can help clarify the strengths and weaknesses of traditional views of anarchy and the resources we have available for healthy participation in healthy living systems.

Transpartisan Alliance: Why and How to Bring the Environmental and Peace Movements Together

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics

Why and How to Bring Environmental and Peace Movements Together

Tiny fractions of U.S. military spending could end hunger, the lack of clean water, and various diseases globally. While converting to clean energy could pay for itself in healthcare savings, the funds with which to do it are there, many times over, in the U.S. military budget. One airplane program, the F-35, could be canceled and the funds used to convert every home in the United States to clean energy.

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#UNRIG Cynthia McKinney with Catherine Austin Fitts: The Deep State, Pilgrims, Zeo-Cons, & the Death of the U.S. Constitution

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