Mongoose: COVID Assuredly 5G and Multi-Vector in Nature — And Likely Criminal Activity by Vaccine Makers — We Are Entering Full Genocide – Other Atrocity Mode

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As Covid-19 Surges, the Big Unknown Is Where People Are Getting Infected

The U.S. and Europe struggle to identify where coronavirus infections are occurring, making it hard to impose targeted restrictions

Alert reader comments:

I am pretty certain that CV is multi-axially induced by the RNA fragments which invade and hijack the victims nasal and lung cells; through other low grade unnoticed viruses which act as catalysts; and remotely by very sophisticated EMF stimulation, some scalar, some pulsed beam microwave from satellites, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi and other ground transmitters.



ROBERT STEELE: There is a lot of misinformation about COVID-19.  It appears to exist as something that does not impact on Ashkenazi Jews and impacts heavily on people of color. It appears to be mis-diagnosed 99% of the time, and also is more often than not 5G radiation sickness which manifests as  the flu. I believe that President Trump understands all of this in detail and is managing the largest and most important public education program in history, toward a total public rebellion against authorities who seek to impose untested harmful vaccines as well as mandatory masks.  The Great Reset is not going the way the Deep State planned.  Game, set, and match.  Electromagnetic weapons and pollution are central to understanding the fake pandemic, real illnesses, and proposed mandatory vaccinations.

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