Mongoose: Is Chabad Really Being Open About Conquering the World?

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Alert Reader writes in:

In the very last two minutes of this video given below, of a worldwide Chabad online virtual event, the Jewish singer sings how they are conquering nation after nation. What does he mean ?

LIVE: Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries


Robert Steele: On the Zionist Parasite — America First Demands An End to Israel First (Treason) UPDATE on Zionist Funding & Control of Black Lives Matters, Pieczenik Video (7:13)

Phi Beta Iota: All of us oppose all forms of treason, elite pedophilia inclusive of the torture and murder of children, and white collar crimiinals, particularly those on Wall Street led by Goldman Sachs. We also support the absolute separation of Church and State and would recommend, in addition  to the expulsion from the USA of anyone who recommend Noahide or Sharia law be implemented here, an end to Vatican diplomatic status and a massive counterintelligence-driven purge of Christian Evangelical as well as Jewish leaders who can be proven to be agents of a foreign power — traitors.

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