Mongoose: Detroit Attorney on Electoral Fraud As Observed

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Alert Reader writes in:

The following is from an ATTORNEY FRIEND – Brad – HIS REPORT – HIS WORDS (or of other attorneys – part of his group):

Here is a summary of what a group of attorneys observed in Detroit on Nov. 3. Note that contrary to what the MSM will tell you there is evidence for each of these claims.

1. Detroit systematically processed and counted ballots from voters whose name failed to appear in either the Qualified Voter File (QVF) or in the supplemental sheets. When a voter’s name could not be found. the election worker assigned the ballot to a random name already in the QVF to a person who had not voted.

2. Detroit instructed election workers to not verify signatures on absentee ballots, to backdate absentee ballots, and to process such ballots regardless of their validity. 3. After election officials announced the last absentee ballots had been received, another batch of unsecured and unsealed ballots, without envelopes, arrived in trays at the TCF Center (where the counting took place). There were tens of thousands of these absentee ballots, and apparently every ballot was counted and attributed only to Democratic candidates.

4. Detroit instructed election workers to process ballots that appeared after the election deadline and to falsely report that those ballots had been received prior to November 3, 2020 deadline. (Although I didn’t witness this in Philadelphia, the Secretary for Pennsylvania could not confirm whether this happened there in the most recent Supreme Court Case).

5. Detroit systematically used false information to process ballots, such as using incorrect or false birthdays. Many times, the election workers inserted new names into the QVF after the election and recorded these new voters as having a birthdate of 1/1/1900.

6. On a daily basis leading up to the election, City of Detroit election workers and employees coached voters to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat party. These workers and employees encouraged voters to do a straight Democrat ballot. These election workers and employees went over to the voting booths with voters in order to watch them vote and coach them for whom to vote.

7. Unsecured ballots arrived at the TCF Center loading garage, not in sealed ballot boxes, without any chain of custody, and without envelopes.

8. Election officials and workers refused to record challenges to their processes and removed challengers from the site if they politely voiced a challenge.

9. After poll challengers started discovering the fraud taking place at the TCF Center, election officials and workers locked credentialed challengers out of the counting room so they could not observe the process, during which time tens of thousands of ballots were processed.

10. Election officials and workers allowed ballots to be duplicated by hand without allowing poll challengers to check if the duplication was accurate. In fact, election officials and workers repeatedly obstructed poll challengers from observing and permitted thousands of ballots to be filled out by hand and duplicated on site without oversight from poll challengers.

Question from Yance:

Brad, not contesting your list but what is your source? It is so hard to know what to believe in the media.

Response from Brad:

Yance, I was part of a team of attorneys that filed “Constatino v. City of Detroit and Detroit Election Commission” in Michigan. The list is just a summary of one lawsuit we filed in Wayne County, MI. (There are several additional lawsuits). I saw several of the allegations in Constatino v. City of Detroit and Detroit Election Commission first hand. Those events that I didn’t see, I know the person/people making the claims. I was there.

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