Robert Steele: Is Sidney Powell Going to Be In Charge of Treason Tribunals?

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I have no direct knowledge  and Sidney has not confirmed this by email. Her website is over-whelmed by people all over the world, not just in the USA, trying to donate.  Don”t give up, please do donate:

Here are three mind-boggling sources — not confirmed by Sidney or anyone else — that suggest she might be in charge of the military tribunals addressing treason.  Because she has the total trust of Mike Flynn, whom I consider — without hearing from him — to be the key mind behind both the restructuring of DoD including the elevation of SOF and the on-going Wrestlemania drama or Information Operations campaign, I dare to hope this might be true.

It merits comment that at the press conference there was a division between the swing states and paper ballots on the one hand, and twenty two — TWENTY-TWO — states and the totality of the electronic voting fraud. The reason this number is important is because it puts a number of Republican Governors front and center in Sidney's sniper scope.

“Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!”

UPDATED 8:23 PM – K A B O O M! Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia Took Money From China (To Steal Election from Trump)


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