Mongoose: China’s Penetration of US Academia — Serious But Far Behind UK and Israel — Comment and RDS 1975 Paper on PRC Influence Network

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Alert Reader writes in:

The CCP program to infiltrate American academia to steal U.S. tax payer funded research results is the Thousand Talents Program.

It aims, under the cover of an “intellectual exchange program,” to steal , U.S. taxpayer funded research, and intellectual property from U.S. universities funded by the DOD, NIH, NSF, and other large federal funders. The CCP is succeeding at a rapid pace that threatens U.S. economic, and military security.

U.S. federally funded research serves 4 main purposes in the best university system in the world: (1) It advances science, and engineering knowledge through cutting-edge research; (2) It educates undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate leaders in those fields who become leaders of industry, and academia who keep America economically competitive; (3) It spins off numerous start up companies in places like Silicon Valley, C.A., Research Triangle Park, N.C., Madison, W.I., Chicago Technology Park, and Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, Brooklyn Poly Tech and other universities in NYC, and other cities, and towns with large university presences; (4) The U.S. Armed Services utilize academic research results to develop military intellectual property to keep Americans safe.

China has neither the politico-cultural ability nor the funding or university infrastructure to create anything approaching the U.S. university system founded on freedom of thought and spirit. China lacks the independent collective spirit of mind so severely attenuated by Communism so it has resorted to stealing the products of our system.

Here are 2 mainstream sources that highlight issues, including, among others, of FBI and DOJ incompetence in investigating, and prosecuting CCP theft.

American universities are a soft target for China's spies, say U.S. intelligence officials – University of Texas professor Bo Mao is the latest defendant in a string of U.S. criminal cases alleging Chinese spying in the academic world.

Education or espionage? A Chinese student takes his homework home to China -Ruopeng Liu believes his work at a Duke lab was simply “fundamental research” that he brought back to China. His former professor thinks otherwise.

Here's a succinct overview of recent cases of arrests of CCP infiltrators of U.S. academia.

More Than A Dozen Researchers And Professors At US Universities Have Been Arrested For Ties To The Chinese Government

Here's an article about a Congressional investigation into the matter.

Congress Launches Investigation Into Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Colleges

ROBERT STEELE: The Chinese are certainly not as great an enemy of the USA as  the United Kingdom working on behalf of the Deep State, notably the City of London for the Rothschilds, or Israel, using pedophilia entrapment and software hacking to acquire intellectual property and insider trading information. They have an equal advantage to the Zionists in being able to draw on a diaspora.  They have penetrated the USA at three levels:

01 Active agents of influence — Mitch McConnell's wife comes to mind as well as the Bidens, they and many others merit close scrutiny blocked in the past

02 CCP penetrations recently featured in the news, a Chinese ripose to the equivalent networks of the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Zionists, and Satanic pedophiles (which overlap across the previous  three).

03 Birth tourism and other legal and illegal immigrants, roughly 20 million in number, all subject to varying forms of influence and coercion.

Below is a graduate paper I wrote, and its most important graphic.

1975 MA Paper: An Outline of the Structure and Strategy of the Foreign Affairs System of the People's Republic of China

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