Mongoose: Fauci as Front for Great Evil

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Alert reader writes in:

Been listening to Bill Whittle for a long while and he makes a lot of sense.


“There are villains. They exist.

They have always existed and millennia or centuries ago, they were easy to spot: they rode horses into villages without horses, stole everything, killed the men, raped the women, grabbed the kids in a flash and they left, as fast as they had come, leaving the place decimated.  Villains have always existed and they were recognizable: they grew nothing, built nothing, had no civilization.  They roamed and pillaged and killed.  People and kingdoms protected themselves ahead of time by erecting walls and learning to spot them from afar and run for cover.

Today's villains are very different but they never left.  Let's take a look at Dr. Fauci: “Today, Dr. Fauci has announced that he has slowly moved the goal post, partly on science and partly on what he thinks because people are showing hesitancy toward vaccines.”  What we are facing here is a monster on a road paved with “good intentions” that leads to hell and who sees it as the ultimate Heavens HE can offer.  Those creatures who truly believe they know more about how to live our life than we do or run the planet or, worse yet, remake it because it was flawed.  Dr. Fauci nor Gates understand themselves as existential villains for the human race and Earth as a whole.  That's what makes them so dangerous.  They truly, sincerely believe that they are here to SAVE humanity and Earth and they see their wealth as the reward for doing the RIGHT thing.”

The depth of Bill Whittle's analysis is so profound that you may even have to reconsider “reconciliation”: how do you reconcile with an absence of any humanity and a complete void of any conscience, associated with the absolute and unshakable certainty of being the holder of all conscience and knowledge and the doer of all good?  How do reconcile with creatures who truly believe they ARE God? Isn't that the definition of… parasite who takes the host over until it dies but fatten itself along the way, at the risk of dying with its host?

Why would humans have cultivated all the plants to rid themselves of parasites and why would those “Gods” have zeroed in on destroying that knowledge with forbidding hemp and cannabis and genetically modifying everything?

Jesus himself did not advocate pardon for everyone.  If you have 30 minutes, please, listen to him.  And interview him.  Please.

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