Robert Steele: After Great Reset Fails, Inclusive Capitalism Brings Us Feudalism 2.0 — Own Nothing, Lease Everything, Digital Cash, Social Credit, You are Nothing. UPDATE 1

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Zero Hedge: Group Overseeing $10 Trillion, Called “Guardians for Inclusive Capitalism”, Signs Partnership With The Vatican

ROBERT STEELE: This is a “who's who” for the 1% and this is the most dangerous alliance to be created in modern time. It must be killed early and its individual “leaders” removed from public life forevermore. I noticed it in 2014.

Doug Casey's International Man: You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll Be Happy

Council for Inclusive Capitalism (Lynn Rothschild in drag)

Council for Inclusive Capitalism and the Vatican (Pope in drag)

ROBERT STEELE: The arrogance, the hubris, the insouciance of the 1% is quite stunning. Knowing what I know about what we have on each of them — enough to get them torn limb from limb in any public venue if we declassify the information so the public can see the depth of evil inherent in each of the organizations and “leadership” teams of the organizations named in the first article, I am just blown away.

As I have written before, we are in a battle for the soul of humanity, and Donald Trump is the Chosen One, not only for the salvation of faith, family, and freedom in the USA, but everywhere else starting in the Commonweath and the European Union, both of which need  to be broken up.

Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia: Interview: US Election Winner Predicted, Most Important Issues Discussed

I remain quite satisfied with the original thoughts prepared for the Disclosure conference in California — perhaps the last time I will ever visit that cesspool of a state, and the graphic below in particular. This is what a post-Trump USA should aspire to:

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20190821 Robert Steele: If I Were President UPDATE: Video Added

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At the highest levels of human reflection and consciousness are core questions addressed by  the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution of the United STATES of America. We are dealing with questions about the nature of humanity, the threat to humanity, and preserving the authenticity of humanity in God's image and spirit.

National Archives: The Declaration of Independence: What Does it Say?

National Archives: Declaration of Independence: A Transcription

When Dr. Cynthia McKinney and I were riding around the country in the below RV, we conceptualize this phrase for the post-Trump & Sanders era:

People not parties. Authentic, inclusive, and truthful.

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Read our #UNRIG document free online in PDF form or at Amazon.

The truth remains the non-negotiable foundation for going forward. Any institution that promotes lies — as the Associated Press, CNN, Fox, New York Times, and all social media elements including Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and Google do — is not worthy of survival. We must eradicate them and start over. An Open Source Agency and Web 3.0 are a good starting point for re-inventing education, entertainment, information, intelligence, media, and research.

Review: Philosophy and the Social Problem–The Annotated Edition

Review: Truth – Philosophy in Transit

Review: Never Play Dead – How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable by Tomi Lahren

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Free will and individual sovereignty are also non-negotiable. Humanity and the larger ecology of other living things are a manifestation of God's grand design — Satanic pedophilia, which characterizes the 1% — is there as a choice. Too many have fallen to Lucifer because the 99% failed to attend to their civic duty and demand that government remain steadfast in service to the public. Instead most senior politicians and most senior government executives at the national, state, and local levels have been BRIBED and/or BLACKMAILED to serve the 1%. We failed to keep our house in order with counterintelligence.

Review: The Christian Gospel for Americans – A Systematic Theology by David Ray Griffin

Review: Mary Magdalene Revealed – The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & the Christianity We Haven’t Tried Yet by Meggan Watterson

Yoda: Ascension Christianity — Next Big Thing?

Veðrfölnir: On Ascension Christianity: Huey P. Long, Donald J. Trump, and the New Great Awakening

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The weaponization of NSA is a GAME-CHANGER.

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Website: Licensed to Steal: Stop Naked Short Selling

Website: Pedophilia & Empire – Satan, Sodomy, and The Deep State

Victory is not assured. President Trump has God, populists both right and left, the military, law enforcement, and NSA data at the email/text/call and bank transaction level on his side. The 1% have domestic traitors, foreign governments and their militaries, paramilitary forces both US and foreign, the absolute conviction that they have  the “right” to dominate us as chattel — their property.

The good news is that our Satanic pedophile opponents have clearly identified themselves and their plans from the Great Reset to Inclusive Capitalism that is nothing more than lip service — witness only the 1% get to own anything.

A Great Awakening — a Great Liberation — has begun. As cities and countries refuse the draconian lockdowns and mask mandates imposed by corrupt government officials — especially Governors — who are not stupid, only BRIBED and/or BLACKMAILED to act against the public interest — the power of the powerless as Vaclav Havel entitled his most import bank, is emergent.

Review: The Power of the Powerless–Citizens Against the State in Central-Eastern Europe

If you would like to explore more food for the soul, heart, and mind, below are my 2000+ non-fiction book reviews including my capstone essay, lists of lists of book reviews, and the 98 categories in which I read.



The below PDF is the original seriously slick bull-shit  that the 1% thought would fly. Thiink of this as the retarded dwarf version (Klaus Schwab + Greta  Thunberg) of what is now call Inclusive Capitalism (Lynn Rothschild and the Pope in drag).

PDF  (47 Pages): The Great Reset Original Propaganda and Control Concept

Alert Reader comments: This “Inclusive Capitalism” initiative is top notch propaganda effort, very much in an Edward Bernays way. They failed with the “Great Reset” launch, especially using Klaus Schwab as the spokesperson. On an intuitive level, it disturbing and creepy. To salvage their program and re-establish control, both the Pope and the Rothschilds had to emerge from the shadows and take a front and center role. And they wisely chose Lynn Forester de Rothschild than Evelyn himself, for being far less creepy and ostensibly an all-America girl next door which is is most certainly NOT.

No wonder the “Great Reset” launch was a disaster. Just look how it emphasizes the authors and the propaganda support behind it. All that should be invisible to the public. Yet they employed a host of professionals and spent probable big money. The “Inclusive Capitalism” effort is much more sophisticated. Presents all about the sizzle and how to addresses the desires of the public, but nothing about the steak, how it is actual going to determine specifics as to the objectives and insuring the results.

Own nothing, be happy.  And let the Satanic pedophiles continue to own it all.


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