Robert Steele: Dominion vs Sidney Powell — Dr. Cynthia McKinney and My Thoughts

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Dominion has sent a letter to Sidney Powell claiming that her assertions are defamatory. I discussed this with Dr. Cynthia McKinney and here are her conclusions with my own concluding comments.

Bottom line: Dominion is bluffing. Any lawsuit will subject them to discovery of their source code and that is their worst nightmare.

Dr. Cynthia McKinney

Background: when electronic voting machines were used to steal the election from Cynthia McKinney, her seventh, and the first in which electronic voting machines were used, the courts supported the manufacturer's contention that the source code was proprietary and the state's contention that you have to trust the outcome without access to the source code. That went out the window in 2019 when Jill Stein got court agreement on the source code.

2019: Voting-machine source code: a ray of light, not yet full sunshine

Related: CIA election manipulation overseas came home and I believe that Mike Flynn and SOF have indeed captured CIA servers with Dominion software in Canada, Germany, and France. We already have it all.

Statistics: The statistical anomalies are legion, not only in relation to fraud related to the presidential race, but also to state and local races, particularly in the six swing states.

Witness: Bev Harris of Black Box Voting is not well known, but Dr. McKinney tells me she would be a formidable expert witness against Dominion.  See particularly Worth a Look: Black Box Voting — Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century and  the additional links therein.

Books:  There are many books on fractional voting and there is no question but that the machines were designed to steal elections.  Note: Amazon appears to be obscuring these books by design at this time.

Behavior: Dominion has been wiping its tracks on the Internet but its manuals are in hand and document the ease with which adjudicated votes can be manipulated and the ease with which votes and be directed toward adjudication where they can be erased or transferred to another candidate.

Selected References:

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