Robert Steele: False Alarm Over Sunspots, Real Opportunity for Digital Integrity

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Digital Economy Disruption Possible As “Terminator Event” Suggests Strongest Sunspot Cycle On Record Imminent

Zero Hedge has published a very fine article on sunspots and how they might affect the digital economy. It has useful graphics and is worth reading in full.

It is also a false alarm.

We have ample advance notice on sunbursts, the reason we need a kill switch is because the sunspots do not affect electromagnetic systems IF THE SYSTEMS ARE TURNED OFF.

What I find worthwhile is the two-side coin of electromagnetic vulnerability. Sunspots and man-made electromagnetic pulse bombs (now available to non-state actors and able to be set off at street or rooftop levels) is one side of the coin. The other is the long censored vulnerability of humanity to electromagnetic pollution as well as the contrived weaponization of 5G, microwave, and so forth, not only for depopulation and crowd control, but for more insidious mind-control.

Three of my topics in the next Steele Report address these issues:

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