DefDog: Attack on Parler a Criminal Conspiracy? UPDATE

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Sure looks like a Deep State conspiracy.

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This group of Internet Warriors then used that account, to create a handful of other ADMINISTRATION accounts, and then created a script that ended up creating MILLIONS of fake administration accounts.”   Source & related images of text

Phi Beta Iota: Parler, like Rumble, is subsidized by the Mercers and not a true diversity platform where all voices are welcome — nor does it offer sense-making, compare and contrast features, and more as Web 3.0 integrated dashboard offerings will make possible.  Mastedon remains the big dog followed by Gab and a few others, all of which need to avoid servers controlled by the Deep State and inclusive of Amazon AWS.

Alert Reader comments:

Parler is done for; they will not recover from this.

To me this sounds not like just your average group of hackers; this was an intell operation. no average hacker creates a docker image with the aim to collect everything. They are mostly after password data or an extortion skeme. And considering the climate we are in.

No hacker group does the effort to create scripts to create millions of accounts. I already read the CEO told that they saw millions accounts popping up spewing violence messages straight away. now we know why and how.

This was a big intell operation by the deepstate right after the 6th, that is why Google and Apple and Amazon knew with certainity exactly what content was on there. And if parler somehow manages to survive the Amazon deadline, which i doubt they will. They should not be operational anymore by now.

if its not the big tech that kills them; Then its the users that will abandon them in droves because the company cannot be trusted anymore. All their digital infrastructure is compromised with that level of access.

Strangly enough David wilcock did a video last night and he uses predominantly PArler messages, not gab.He does not know this yet.

I saw rumours that parler has deplatformed people like lin wood.

So i guess, it was shaping up to be a competition between Parler and Gab to become the goto twitter replacor. This info effectily descided it in favor of Gab.

Dashboards do exist, see for instance

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Tools like Hootsuite are widely used in the marketing industry. Even i have been toying with it some years ago. I dont think these tools have support for Gab, Parler, Mastodon, Pleroma or others. SImply because they are too small or not popular enough yet. But it should be easy to program this with a small capable team or if you approach a company like this and offer money for it.

Phi Beta Iota: Gab's global rank is closer to 6,000 while Parler was closer to 3,000. By next week Parler should be dead and Gab — which has a POTUS account that Parler does not — the top conservative alternative to Twitter. While the President is thinking about how to create a new media ecology, he does not appear to have advisors that understand the necessary principles of authenticity, diversity, integrity, and individual sovereignty.

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Alert Reader writes in:

This is going mainstream now

RT: Hacker reveals massive Parler data leak: ALL users’ messages, location info and even driver’s licenses may have been exposed

I searched for that press release but i think they have retracted it by now.

Anyway, Parler can close up shop now. Game over, the whole world can see it.

In addition, there is already talk that the leak will be used to draw up lists for blacklisting, doxxing and other types of things including physical harm. The extreme left is gloating in fora online. So this is very serious and likely end up having the ceo jailed and many people exposed to harmfull actions.

Phi Beta Iota: It is possible this is part of a Wrestlemania script to further sensitize the public as to the fascist/communist nature of BigTech in service to the Deep State, with the Anti-Defamation League as the “secret police” of the cyber-world. The larger story is not the death of Parler but rather the death of BigTech as a “Pravda” for the Deep State. See Geddes on the even more cosmic paradigm shift that will underlay Web 3.0.

Martin Geddes: Reflections on Web 3.0 – Mind Shift Needed

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