Martin Geddes: Reflections on Web 3.0 – Mind Shift Needed

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As received and aggregated from various emails as Web 3.0 Apostles get to work.

The core problem is the relationship between the human and the data about/from the human.

This is a paradigm shift. The end of IT (information technology; human as computer peripheral to be harvested for AI training data). The start of HT (human at centre, and sovereign control over identity).

Until people become conscious of the paradigm they are in they cannot break out of it. The hardest thing for a fish to describe is water.

The real fight isn’t social media or uncensored news. It is intimate biosensed data. If we’re fixing the former and ignore the latter — we lose. The real power over humans and ability to manipulate them is all in the medical and transhumanism space. We have to beat the transhumanists with a superhumanist vision.

Ergo, we must abandon all prior mechanisms and institutions and build completely outside of the BigTech ecosystem, abandoning all of its dirty code.  Any attempt to aggregate bits built within the Bigtech ecosytem is destined to fail — the new system must be uncensorable in all respects includiing financial.

Free report  here: PDF (42 Pages):

End of IT Now Hypersense and HT

Watch this short video:

Introducing Human Technology: Communications 2025 from The Hypervoice Consortium on Vimeo.

I was co-founder of Hypervoice Consortium with Kelly Fitzsimmons in Milwaukee.

Phi Beta Iota: the below book is Ref A for the emergence of superhumanity.

Martin Geddes: Open Your Mind to Change – A Guidebook to the Great Awakening [Foreword by Robert Steele] – Absolutely Essential Reading for Every Person of Conscience on Earth

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