Eagle: Mark Meadows = Piece of Shit (Great Profile in Politico)

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300 Million Talons…

Patrick Byrne did us all a great service by calling out Meadows for the piece of shit that he is (my  words, not Byrne's).

How Mark Meadows Became the White House’s Unreliable Source – At a moment of crisis that demands clear and forthright information, the chief of staff is playing his old games.

Says that 2 GOP House Speakers think poorly of MM.  Boehner thought he was schizophrenic.  Paul Ryan after dealing w he and Jim Jordan determined that Jordan kept his word, but MM was always playing a bunch of angles and wasn't trustworthy.

PBI: Eagle is a former Army Ranger.

BOOK: American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump

Only by viewing Trump as the culmination of a decade-long civil war inside the GOP—and of the parallel sense of cultural, socioeconomic, and technological disruption during that period—can we appreciate how he won the White House and consider the fundamental questions at the center of America’s current turmoil. How did a party once obsessed with national insolvency come to champion trillion-dollar deficits? How did the party of compassionate conservatism become the party of Muslim bans and family separation? How did the party of family values elect a thrice-married philanderer? And, most important, how long can such a party survive?

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