J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans January 2021

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American Gray Swans – January 2021

Bottom Line Up Front:

A: Covid-19 tested our supply chain and verified it can easily be collapsed. A Gray Swan; B: A weaponized pandemic is planned to be released. A Gray Swan; C: Vaccinated people will be at war with unvaccinated people causing anarchy. A Civil War – a Gray Swan.

From historical data it is estimated that a truly deadly pandemic will kill 20% to 30% of the population. A Civil War will kill maybe 5% to 10% of the population. Collapse of the Supply Chain can kill between 20% and 90% of the population depending on the Events that caused it.

The year of the Gray Swans!

Oh my, it looks like we have a migration of Gray Swans heading our way to land. For those that are new to the concept, a Gray Swan is a predictable event that will cause a catastrophe. More specifically, an Event that will cause the collapse of America’s supply chain. Basically this stops food delivery, and then shortly afterwards stops food production as farms run out of supplies leading us into an engineered famine.

A review of the Gray Swan Events can be found here – A Quick Review. Another great document to read was prepared by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) – When Trucks Stop, America Stops.

Make sure to read the summary on page 9.

Unfortunately in our present position one or more Gray Swan Events are guaranteed to happen, which means our supply chain is guaranteed to collapse leaving the majority of Americans without food. This is difficult for Americans to comprehend, mostly because we live in a false paradigm of safety and they have not experienced true hardship and war.

In a nutshell, we have no Food Security in America. So while the entire world is focused on Washington DC and the National Guard, nobody is paying attention to protecting our supply chain. This kind of reminds me of Pearl Harbor when FDR set up the Pacific Fleet for attack and we lost 2,700  Americans just to drag us into WW II.

My mission is to protect America and the world by creating Food Security. Unfortunately most humans are ignorant to the situation we are in. If you do not have Food Production in your local control, congratulations – you qualify as ignorant. We have been brainwashed to believe we are safe. If you have not invested into local food production than your ignorance will soon earn you and your family the results. This is a war for Humanity, and “They” have already told us “control food and you control the people”. That would be 98% of our dumb asses that Kissinger called the “Useless Eaters”. And NYC and Long Island lead the way in brainwashing. 16 million people living on a set of islands with extremely limited exits, and producing virtually no food while being totally dependent on electricity for water and sewage. When the supply chain collapses and/or the electricity goes out these locations will be death zones. Maybe one large Satanic Ritual.

Speaking of World Wars, World War III is one of the Gray Swan Events. This month 3 star Lt. General Tom McInerny has stated many times here –  World War III has started!  The General summarized that WW III is a hybrid war that is a mixture of Biological (a Gray Swan) , Cyber Warfare (another Gray Swan), and other means (other Gray Swans). Gee, do you think our enemies know how vulnerable NYC is?

And it looks like this will be The Blackout War when EMP technology (a Gray Swan) is used to take out power supplies, and turn off entire regions, or even countries. What a coincidence, Pakistan and the Vatican both got turned off this month on the same day. Besides God, who is powerful enough to turn off the Vatican? Somehow I think the Pope was not shut down by Covid-19 and also had the money to pay the electric bill. It looks like the Vicar of Christ and his Jesuit harum have been bad boys. It sure would be nice to have a transparent 3rd party audit of the Vatican Bank and find out how many names of US Congress and other Governments leaders are account holders. Would that be considered money laundering or Treason? So why are we so ignorant of those who betray us? And why have we not protected ourselves from an EMP?

And why are numerous large portable generators put in Washington DC? Is somebody expecting a power outage in DC?

Here is another news article in case someone is stupid enough to get in a war with Russia. The Poseidon torpedo has a 5,000 mile range, creates a nuclear tidal wave to take out coastal cities, and is rumored to be unstoppable. That the torpedo is named after the Greek God of the Sea is concerning, especially when his name in Sumerian is Enki. Oh look, NYC and Washington DC can be taken out from across the Atlantic, and it is unstoppable. Dam, it looks like the swamp needs a washing out of the new invading swamp creatures.

While Lt. Gen McInerny has advised us WW III has started and is a hybrid war, let us keep in mind we now have a Space Force so we can anticipate the war to expand to space (if not already there), and unfortunately our GPS satellites are sitting ducks. By coincidence China put up there own GPS system just last year and does not need ours anymore. If/when our satellites go out then our American systems stop functioning. Again the problem is the food is on average 1,500 miles away. GPS going down would stop the supply chain (not to mention our youth can not read a paper map to find their way home).

Related to WWW III and possibly a precursor is a Civil War (a Gray Swan). Obviously it would be advantageous for our enemies to provoke a Civil War so they get Americans fighting Americans using the age old “Divide and Conquer” tactic. As a large percentage of our population believes the election was stolen, and the MSM along with the Congress cover this up denying it, so it seems we are being positioned for a Civil War.

Add to this the fake storming of the Capitol and the 1 day Impeachment of a President without any evidence nor discussion. What was the agenda of the false flag Capitol event? Many do not know that the Domestic Terrorist Prevention Act (DTPA) was passed in 2020 by the House of Representatives, but has just been introduced to be passed by the new House of 2021. Creating a “False Flag” claiming “Domestic Terrorism” will help get the bill passed by the Senate. Once passed DTPA can easily circumvent the 2nd Amendment by claiming gun owners are terrorists. Point of fact, the San Fransisco City Council (Pelosi’s territory) has already labeled the NRA as a Domestic Terrorist Organization. Does that also infer that any member of the NRA is also a Domestic Terrorist? Do you think that might start a Civil War?

Once DTPA is passed anybody that argues with the “official narrative” (including Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) can be labeled a Domestic Terrorist and arrested. This will be used to silence critics, bypass the 1st & 2nd Amendments, and rob the Nation blind.

Doubt that is possible? Here is an example. Here is Senator Harry Reid calling the defenders of the Bundy Ranch  “Domestic Terrorists”. A quick review – the Bureau of Land Management (the other BLM) tried to forcibly confiscate the Bundy’s land. The Bundy’s have the right to use the land since before Nevada was a state, and that right was grandfathered upon entering the Union.  What was not brought up in MSM is that Harry Reid’s long time senior aid on land issues Neil Kornze was made Director of the BLM. The BLM under the Reid loyalist was used to confiscate American Farmers land and sell it to shell companies owned by Reid’s son Rory Reid.

Those companies in turn where sold to the Chinese. While the reported use of the land was for a solar farm, rumor has it that large deposits of valuable rare minerals needed for military defense equipment where in the land. Why has Reid, Kornze, and Reid’s sons not been charged with Treason?

If the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act had been passed at that time Reid would have used it to arrest the demonstrators as “Domestic Terrorists”, confiscate their personal property and children, and steal more American land. This is an extremely dangerous law being pushed by Pelosi. And here she called those that “attacked” (walked in escorted by the Capitol guards) “Domestic Terrorists”. In other words, she created the False Flag to both get Trump Impeached and to push through the draconian Domestic Terrorist Prevention Act (DTPA). Of course anybody who argues with DTPA will be labeled a supporter of Domestic Terrorism. The people creating the true terror are Pelosi, Schumer, and the supporters of this bill.

There are many forms of Terrorism, and any inside the US can be considered Domestic. Anti-vaxxers are being called Bioterrorists. Is Nancy going to claim those who do not take a experimental toxic vaccine are Domestic BioTerrorists? Is the US Government going to arrest the entire Amish culture on terrorism charges because they refuse vaccines? What about eco-terrorism? If you argue against GMO foods or are a farmer refusing to take the Covid-19 experimental injection are you an Agro-terrorist? Rockefeller is trying to get it required that you must have the vaccine & the RFID chip to handle food from Farm to Table. Take the vaccine or you are a Agroterrorist and the Dept of Homeland Food Security shows up and confiscates everything. It is all inside the country so it is all “domestic”. This law is the kiss of death to freedom. Here is a good short article on the DTPA.

To Make America Great Again we must rebuild our strong and locally controlled Food Grid of yesteryear. This creates Food Security. Food Security is Freedom! This puts food in control of the local people and communities. That is why the Deep State destroyed the Food Grid – to destroy our freedom and control people. Think, if we have food in our control what government could control us? What most Americans can not comprehend is that their lives depend on a supply chain that is guaranteed to collapse.

To create Food Security is very simple! It is just not easy. It is a mixture of transparent government, funding & finance, technology, management, and farming. Create a few models that are easy and quick to duplicate and simple to manage. I estimate we could get the majority of our existing farms upgraded to EMP proof truly sustainable farms in less than 1 year creating a stunning amount of Food Security.

You can only help from a position of strength. When we have Food Security we are in an incredibly strong position. Right now we are teetering on collapse and a famine.

One of my contacts has their own form of a Crystal Ball. They told me for years that they see there will be a release of a truly deadly pandemic. Further I had posted in the American Gray Swans May 2020 that Covid 19 was believed by many to be a “Beta Test”. And now we see that the fake pandemic tested the supply chain, the ignorance of humans, the uncontrolled power of government edict, and has exposed our Achilles Heal.

Add in that Ben Fulford just posted the Covid 19 Test article verifying what I had written months ago, that it was a test. Fulford also posted the “Covid test patent” last updated in 2016 (three years before Covid-19 happened) and “Operation Lockstep from the Rockefeller Playbook” with the

“3rd Phase: if the majority of people resist the vaccine, a weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS virus will be released. A lot of people will die from this. It will be survival of the fittest. It will also be the ultimate push for everyone to be vaccinated, in order to return to normality. Those who have taken the vaccine will be at war with those who have not. It will be anarchy from all sides”

It is in print! We have been warned! If we ignore this it is our own demise and also we get all the bad karma.

In summary

1) Covid-19 tested our supply chain and verified it can easily be collapsed. A Gray Swan.

2) A weaponized pandemic is planned to be released. A Gray Swan

3) Vaccinated people will be at war with unvaccinated people causing anarchy. A Civil War – a Gray Swan.

From historical data it is estimated that a truly deadly pandemic will kill 20% to 30% of the population.

A Civil War will kill maybe 5% to 10% of the population.

Collapse of the Supply Chain can kill between 20% and 90% of the population depending on the Events that caused it.

320 million people with more than 320 million guns fighting over food and vaccines for survival while a planned deadly pandemic rages. Just add in the collapse of the Credit Markets (a Gray Swan) and the Electric Grid (a Gray Swan) and I think we will see a 40% to 60% loss of American life.

Oh look, Deagel.Com  (a multi billion dollar defense company) clearly forecasts by the year 2025 (4 years away) a decrease of 70% of the American population (in American Gray Swans – Week 35). Gee, how the hell could that happen? Do you think this is a joke being played by a billion dollar military industrial complex company to its #1 customer (United States), or possibly they have officially warned us in writing (again).

Posted in American Gray Swans – Nov 2020 I wrote “A possible additional Event that I missed in the Gray Swans is a Totalitarian Government Agency control of Food. None other than that champion of human bondage “The Rockefeller Institute” put forward in a white paper Reset the Table. In it is a recommendation “because of Covid-19” that a “Department of Home Land Food Security” be formed to control all food in the country.”

Now we have the Rockefellers from their own documents – controlling food and releasing a deadly pandemic while creating anarchy.

One other thing to note. If we have a Space Fleet than we most probably have Time Travel. If the majority of Americans were too ignorant to store toilet paper so I doubt they can comprehend Time Travel. In theory Time Travelers can go back in time and stop deadly events thus changing the timeline. That is with the exception of the release of a manufactured deadly pandemic. Why? Because the travelers will not be able to identify the exact time and location of release and therefor not stop the release.

While I greatly appreciate the White Hats and the battle they are waging, I would like to point out that no authority has come up with solutions to create alternative micro supply chains to keep us alive. ie – Food Security. While many White Hats are military, apparently they failed Military Strategy 101 – “cut the supply chain”. Did they not study the “Battle of the Bulge?” Can they not see the position we are in?

“It is the Supply Chain Stupid”

Some say we are in a Shadow War, a Silent War. Can all those White Hats out there realize that possibly Food is important in the war and Silently we have been set up for a collapse of our Supply Chain?

Let me see if I understand correctly. A combination of Satanic Bloodlines (to be known as “They”) have:

– captured the US currency for over 100 years making it the World Reserve Currency thus steeling from every human on Earth.

– captured the American Republic for 150 years by forming an illegal United States Corporation.

– started the Russian Revolution, WW I, WW II, Vietnam, Korea, and are starting WW III

– created the Satanic Ritual of 911 killing 3,000 Americans and leading to 20 years of war killing millions of innocent people and destroying several countries.

– stole a US Presidential election while the entire World was watching.

– infiltrated the CIA & FBI and other intelligence agencies leading to control over the banking, petrol-chemical, pharmaceutical, and agro industries.

– created and hid a world wide pedophilia and child sacrifice cult and industry leading to the highest levels of government and world leadership.

– control over Hollywood, Main Stream Media, Banking, Education, and the CFR thus brainwashing America.

– compromised an estimated 70% of the US Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court controlling virtually every major government decision.

But apparently some believe “They” are not smart enough nor devious enough to construct a Samson Option which would create a famine in the United States and Europe even though “They” clearly stated and practice “control food and you control the people”.

Am I to believe that the NESARA and GESARA warriors are going to come in waving a magic financial wand and somehow these Satanic Blood Lines that have controlled Earth for centuries are going to give up, roll over, and go away without a fight? Not to mention, collapse the supply chain? The largest financial battle in human history is about to take place. To assume there will be no destruction nor collateral damage even though their god lives on human sacrifice is naive? So why are we not preparing? Why are we not investing in the one thing we must have to be able to fight – Food Security?

If we are going up against the Satanic Blood Lines it is best that we know who they are. I highly recommend buying the 5 Books found here – Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State. For what is coming you will need a reference library. If you can not afford the books go to the website where you can download the books and family names for free. If the lights go out or our systems collapse, these are the family trees and DNA that need to be removed from Earth.

Oh look, “They” put in writing that they will release a deadly pandemic. What a coincidence that our supply chains and electric grid are totally unprotected and something as simple as a disgruntled Boy Scout troop could take them down.

“They” told us many many times. “They” carved it in stone. Georgia Guide Stones. “They” put it in writing. Atlas Shrugged. “They” put it in cinema. The Hunger Games. And now “They” openly say it out loud verbally. Klaus Schwab.

Let us totally ignore that the mechanisms are all in place to create a famine in America and Europe!

Sun Tzu – The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting (in American Gray Swans – July 3, 2019). Let me translate. Keep your enemy stupid, ignorant, arrogant, dumbed down, drugged up, brainwashed, and divided so he does not know he is being eliminated. Wow, what a coincidence!

And now we have documented proof the Covid-19 scam is being used to take out our food supply. Here is an excellent video stating The 10 Stages of Our Genocide. Add in that a top method of Genocide is to create a Famine. Stalin did it with the Holodomor. For us in America it is quite simple, just collapse our Just in Time (JIT) delivery system by any of the Gray Swans.

And here is Dr. Simone Gold stating at 27:30 minutes there is information that the Covid-19 experimental toxic injection “may” cause sterility by attacking the female placenta. So our governments are giving an Experimental Injection to the world population that “may” cause sterilization, but we won’t know that because animal testing was bypassed and the FDA gave experimental approval without long term testing. Gee, that makes us the Guinea Pigs.

America – WAKE UP!

Churchill said: “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing — after they have tried everything else”. Let us not only hope he is right, let us take action to prove he is right. We are out of other options, the time to do the right thing is now (in American Gray Swans April 11, 2019).

The solutions are all there, but it takes a critical mass of American synergy to implement them, and that starts with our Billionaires. We have done it before, the question is will we wake up and do it again. Time is short! If a Gray Swan lands first, our goose is cooked! (in American Gray Swans April 11, 2019)

We can not fight without Food! We can not defend the country without food. Once it is gone, that is it.

In closing, I have stressed in all Gray Swan articles that we do not have Food Security in America. If/when the supply chain goes down we have an engineered famine.

Add that the US Grain Reserves known as the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust have been at zero (0) since 2008. So in the infinite wisdom of the US Government – The physical grain stores were gradually depleted until 2008, when the USDA decided to convert all of what was left into its dollar equivalent. And so the grain that once stabilized prices for farmers, bakers and American consumers ended up as a number on a spreadsheet in the Department of Agriculture.

So America’s failsafe grain backup is digital dollars on a spreadsheet. No Food Security, no physical Grain Reserves, and our supply chain is guaranteed to collapse.  Dam we are smart!

No Food = No America

J.C. Cole

American Heritage Farms



Our Heritage as Americans is our farms. Wake up!

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