James Fetzer: Is 60 Minutes Knowingly Interviewing a Fake Lenny Pozner about Alleged FEMA False Flag Event Known as Sandy Hook?

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60 Minutes will be interviewing the alleged “Lenny Pozner”, who claims to have lost a son at Sandy Hook, but whom some believe to be both dead and a former agent of the Mossad, during its program scheduled to be broadcast tonight (3 January 2021).

Since the real “Lenny Pozner”, who appears to have been using a fake name from the beginning, has had his photograph published worldwide millions of times, why would he need to disguish his image–unless it's not the same guy?

When I challenged his identity in Court, the Judge would not allow it and awarded legal fees for my attempts at discovery. See “Conspiracy Theorist held in Contempt of Court”, which reported on (first of several) actions by the Court.

Below (left and right) are photos of the original “Lenny Pozner”, compared to a photo of the man who appeared for a video deposition in Dane County under the same name, but who appears to be at least 20 years younger person and over 100 lbs ligher, who thus appears to have impersonated the earlier man using that name..




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Phi Beta Iota: The corruption of the state courts — including particularly Wisconsin where a corrupt judge violated all applicable guidelines in excluding evidence and making a summary judgement when facts were in dispute (which requires a jury if one is demanded) — is not well understood by the public. Election 2020 has brought the corruption of the state courts — and of the Supreme Court where Chief Justice  Roberts is severely compromised and said to be under blackmail by at least one foreign power — into the public eye. This is not over. The truth about Sandy Hook will be understood by the public within a few years. In the meantime, 60 Minutes appears to be complicit in a false flag event against the public interest, must as the Associated Press and the New York Times have been complicit in felony election fraud  to the point of treason.

It merits special comment that the Deep State uses the Zionists (12 billionaires all subject to indictment for treason) and the Anti-Defamation League particularly, to create a fake news environment in which enemies of the Deep State are easily defamed while agents of the Deep State are protected. The ADL has pioneered the  conversion of its fake anti-semitic “trick” into “hate speech” terms imposed on media and social media by Deep State plutocrats, and this grotesque term is used to deplatform supporters of President Trump and others challenging false narratives among with false flags and the Russian witchhunt have only recently been displaced by the false narrative that Joe Biden won and Election 2020 was an honest election. It was not.  Many Senate and House seats were also stolen, notably in Virginia where amputee veteran Gade clearly beat Warner by 57% only to have the electronic tallies manipulated to keep Warner in office as a tool of the carpetbaggers.

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