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Per James Rink hosted Gene Decode session :

Gene Decode offers insights re:

  1. Jan 6th was needed for Trump to sign Insurrection Act
  2. Identifies specific Antifa personnel as pre-programmed on the Simpsons, horned guy was janitor in an episode
  3. Camera views were pre-set up for filming particular actions
  4. Pelosi’s laptop was left open live with China assets.
  5. Fake troops were brought in on 6th. You can tell they have no military training holding their weapons. They were brought in to surround the Capital and protect cabal assets, senators, who were going to be arrested.
  6. Insurrection Act is classified doc until Trump declares it. Through Title 10 Trump took over the National Guard. NG was brought in to surround the fake troops. Exit through DUMBS had been shut off after the DUBMS were flooded in the Spring storm and Potomac waters.
  7. Gene, this morning “put out info that I got”, Pelosi went to Gulf Coast first to rendezvous with submarine asset, then to Atlantic side, yesterday she tried to get a deep sea fisherman from Myrtle Beach to get her past 2 carrier groups to meet another C_A sub asset, boat was turned back to Charleston this morning, Alliance asset was scrambled and picked Pelosi up. ~ 10 minutes later Gene said Pelosi is in Camp Century, Greenland. Sub was outside the blockade, not inside.
  8. Rink: Pelosi was not at yesterday’s session. Gene “she was on the run.”
  9. Back to Pelosi laptop. Laptop was open and “on with China” also found were all of the payments and organizations, including Italy, Frankfurt and Madrid, Canada. Transfer payments of $4M mentioned. Back to Barry Soetoro’s admin and $14M payments. “All that is there.”
  10. Rink displays note about Pakistan and GE thwarted sale. Gene confirms possible GE sale stopped.
  11. “The very very very very top person of the Cabal surrendered. It was a woman. [I’m pretty sure I know who this is but have to dig it up.]
  12. Gene “Space Force Solar Warden Radiant Glory/Guardian etc. have the ability to turn off power world-wide or by location.” Including locking mechanical parts so even a car can’t be pushed. Troops in DC have the ability to make people unconscious.
  13. Rink: air space was closed down to So Carolina. More detail re: actual astounding capability of Space Force. … lock DC down, identify all of the assets, if they need to … remove personnel …. They can do these things.
  14. 6 sites had been identified where cabal to detonate dirty nuke, all taken out by Space Force.
  15. Each of 150,000 sealed indictments can have 99 names associated with it. Conceivably, 15M people could be arrested. [220,000+ sealed indictments now. Ben Fulford’s secret society contacts estimate 1.2M cabal in the US.
  16. White hats have FEMA camps and cleared out DUMBS, also new facility on the moon. ~-45:27
  17. Rink comments that there is an alternate reality where Obama did tell the people about the SSP and Alliance. They turned him off on live TV. He was a total cyborg. It took about 15 years before people would believe it. They hated the people who were telling them what’s going on.
  18. Insurrection Act question. It was just signed. Had to be signed after the events.
  19. Comments then question on Vatican. Gene “the Pope and the Cardinals were removed last year.”
  20. DUMB under Vatican goes to Jerusalem. Massive amounts of gold, meticulous records of all stolen everything throughout all history. Massive amounts of artifacts & art works, all kinds of things. It was taken out under cover of darkness to hide the TR-3Bs and Solar Warden ships. Vatican bank accounts were seized, close to $1B. Top people in banking institutions have been arrested.
  21. Gold lined tunnel is 150 miles long, 60 meters high, 120 meters wide, “for 150 miles of solid gold bullion. It’s more gold than they believe existed on earth” said Gene.
  22. Rink describes the prior mentioned alternate reality.
  23. Gene says Vatical kept meticulous records on each person they taxed, thus helping re-distribution over time. [This record commentary is completely consistent with Gene’s comments from the Spring/Italy/Covid situation.]
  24. ~-38:00 Rink comment question on the gold. “Gold can have like its own DNA, its own elemental energy. Gene make very interesting comments about gold picking up quantum energy / proton signatures when it forms. Because of this, there are many different kinds of gold and gold properties, that we’re unaware of.
  25. Crystal question…. Gene explains what has taken so long. Cabal has to be outed first. No sense bringing new positive energy and technologies when they could steal it again.
  26. -32:00 Crystal Wikileaks question; Gene explains need for timeline reset and for timeline to be in service to the Light, not to itself. “If you bulldoze this through, you end up becoming the power elites yourselves.” Already seen on previous planets. Recognizing TRUTH has been genetically altered, people don’t know TRUTH anymore. 64 strands of DNA were reduced to 2 strands. Indigo children in the 1950’s started with 3 strands. Cabal tried to stop this with vaccinations, etc..
  27. Damages from cabal activities can be healed within hours with technology that they had for hundred/s of years.
  28. ~-27:00 Crystal question about Trump vaccines getting rid of nanobots etc.. Gene says “it’s a different vaccine, you have to use the word vaccine so people understand it.”
  29. Medbeds question.
  30. Raid on Biden’s compound. Gene, yes it did take place. 200 acre estate. 300M gold bullion, assalt rifles. Tunnels running in all directions. Shackles in the walls. Black heroin found.
  31. Rink: Fence being built for Jan 20th ceremony. Gene, will be used for arrests. 200 people went to the tunnels and were arrested, of the 7,000 original fake troops.
  32. Rink, USA Corp closed, Republic left, last Republic president was Ulysses S. Grant. Trump will be 19th president. Gene comments, lots of topics; generals, NESARA, Army Corp of Engineer machines to count votes only one time, much more, inauguration could occur on May 20th.
  33. Rink, new election? Gene, yes, complete new process, election, 3 parties?, then to States, etc.. Most of the year to completely re-do the gov’t.
  34. [BTW, Simon Parkes in todays update said that from the beginning of Trumps term, they selected people at the ready to fill the vacancies of all the Congressional arrests.}
  35. ~-22:00 Question about the rest of the world. Gene; the GESARA countries would go through the same process. All are on board except China. Russia has gone through this already. Putin not taken out by Cabal according to Gene. Putin has been isolated.
  36. Who was pushing the GE sale? Gene; to crumble the US from the inside.
  37. Rink, heard rumor of Facebook ties to CCP military. Gene; yes, Facebook could be seized under EO. Zuckerberg has been arrested. Gene can’t speak to assets being frozen, but look for it and other signs.
  38. Crystal walking through steps, black outs, arrests. What about other governments? Gene; blackouts for multiple reasons; removes AI from internet, cleaning out systems that run water, sewage, supply chains, people have to choose. US will lead by example. Canada for example, do they want to break free of Britan? Do they want to be States of the US? You have to allow for referendums.
  39. ~ -16:00 Rink, was Pelosi offered 250,000 UN troops? Gene, yes that was the plan.
  40. Is Parler a honey pot to mine patriots if cabal won? Yes, that was the original plan. White hats took Parler over. Amazon will be held responsible for facilitating child trafficking. There will be a massively deep investigation.
  41. Time change 52:49 Yesterday they/White Hats started into South Africa. So Africa is a strong hold of the Alfa Drako, that and Antarctica. Main HQ is in So Africa.
  42. Q how many countries on natural or common law. Gene; currently 17 are clean? by that.
  43. Crystal comment/question….. take over of MSM and telling the truth. Gene; everything has to be cleaned out. Avoid power vacuums. Know your neighbor again. Come into your humanity again.
  44. 58;30 Of 1:05:40 discussion runs into time line manifolds of Nazis. MSM will eventually be taken over. Question asked about JRK jr coming out, no answer.
  45. Gene was getting 1,000s of email per day, set up globally coordinated “the Blessed for Service” but I think Gene meant https://blessed2teach.com/gene-decodes-insights-on-jan-6-b2t-show-jan-2-2021-is/ colosensei@gmail.com gets to global coordinators. Might_of_lightgc@gmail.com (?) for some European companies. 1,200 people were live on the call.
  46. Gene closes with a prayer.

ROBERT STEELE: At least half of this tracks with what I believe, I cannot speak to the other half.  What I will say is this:

01 The bigger picture beyond US politics and global deep state operations including Satanic pedophilia has absolutely got to factor in both the US Space Force and the competing stellar civilization that have joined the fight. To that I would add, beyond the “tangible” inter-stellar aspect, the soul aspect or the consciousness aspect — this “Wrestlemania” drama we are watching appears scripted to achieve the Great Awakening across those brain-washed sectors that have to date been the “chickens” supporting the Deep State and their Satanic pedophilia networks of control.

02 My gut feeling, remembering that CIA created the Artificial Intelligence Staff around me back when it was very pedestrian (at least the part that I saw) is that we are watching two dueling AI programs, one run by DARPA with a Fort Huachuca element and an NSA element on the Patriot side, and the other run by Goldman Sachs or whoever pioneeered flash trading and derivatives and such; one seeks to save the world, the other to destroy it. They may be a dueling time machine aspect as well as competing timelines struggle for primacy. Below is one post along these lines:

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