Martin Geddes: Web 3.0 Not – The Inconvenience of “Termination for Convenience” (or Ideological Bias or Teen-Age Angst or Deep State Direction)

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The inconvenience of “termination for convenience”

I wish to highlight a serious ethical and practical issue we all face when using cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) applications — especially for “controversial” writing and audio/video content. It is a summary of what I have learned after I have been “deplatformed” suddenly by Medium in March of 2019, and Mailchimp in March of 2020.

There are four parts to this article:

  • Summary of “termination for cause” versus “termination for convenience” contractual terms
  • The impact on me of deplatforming as a statement of historical fact
  • A brief review of the terms of some select email marketing platforms
  • My recommendation for policy makers looking at remedying the injustices and power imbalances inherent in this issue

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Martin Geddes: Open Your Mind to Change – A Guidebook to the Great Awakening [Foreword by Robert Steele] – Absolutely Essential Reading for Every Person of Conscience on Earth

Collective I

ROBERT STEELE: It is a felony to interfere with  the delivery of the US mail to the intended recipient. It is a crime to deprive individuals of basic services because of discrimination. It is a violation of the Constitution as well as the Communications Decency Act to censor anyone. It is in my particularly appalling to “reserve the right” to terminate someone's use of a purchases software at any time — like a car manufacturer reserving the  right to turn off the brakes if they don't like your language. This is all totally out of control. The time has come to create Web 3.0 and the World Brain with the Open Source Agency I have long championed against ruthless CIA and Deep State opposition, as the foundation.

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